NFT art: Aphidragon animation (small file)

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Rachel Rabbit, the dragons and a forest creature. Collage. Ink on paper, photomanipulation, digital drawings, animation with sound, 40 seconds.

Sound effects: Mike Koenig & Daniel Simon, (Attribution 3.0) /
Art & video: Insaneworks.

This file on 3Speak: 10,3 MB, 1280 x 720.

Art in NFT Showroom. Small file: 19,7 MB, 780 x 720. Unlockable large file: 60,5 MB, 1920 x 1080 with black bars and credits. Sound effects licensed:

I have to admit, I was tempted to make a very special version to YouTube of this 5 and 20 second looped animation. (Depends on which movement or sound effect you count the loop from.) Special how? Well, now it's only 40 seconds long. Why not make it five hours? Just for YouTubers! To fill the empty space they have. No more just talking heads but sobbing Rabbits and plopping aphids. But then I thought about it. Again. And more. And although in my opinion it would have been an awesome joke, the amount of subscribers I have (7), or the amount that I don't have, well, let's just say, it would have not been worth the trouble, the rendering time and the computing power.

So there it is, the same 40 second video as is in here. Just in case. And to promote NFT Showroom in YouTube.

But I still think it would have been a good joke. So one day if I get 10000 subscribers, I will make them a 5 hour video of Rachel sobbing, little dragon flapping and the aphid plopping. Fiiiiiiiive hours. Sob, sob, sob, flap, flap, flap, plop, plop, plop.

But until then, here's something else.


Original jpg art, the aphid photo and the ink drawings here:

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