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work meditation3.jpg

Merry Christmas to all of you, this is my first post at the Alien Art community created by @juliakponsford and i am really excited. I've wanted to try the communities feature for a while but did not have the time, but now at my lazy holiday afternoon is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Communities is a really new cool feature of Steem and you should give it a try, subscribing and start posting there or even create a community of your own.

work meditation4.jpg

A digital creation from 2018 when i was making my first experiments with Photoshop. It was a commissioned artwork (which the client never paid,lol) and the directions was to visualize sth like relaxing at work or avoid stress or sth like that. I had the photograph of the meditating suited guy in my library and begun with a clear vision to use him as my central theme. Black and white was a good choice to portray the feeling of dullness at the office and also to create a contrast with the colourful background. I liked also the idea of flowers growing through the meditation process and also chose a vector cityscape to further emphasize the urban environment.

work meditation2.jpg

Last but not least i used a filter with scratches and dirt to cover the artwork and create a unified effect for all the different photos combined. I became a big fan of this kind of filters while i was making my digital creations because i can hide a lot of my mistakes and somehow blend all the images together. I imagine it like a varnish that a painter applies at the end of the the work.

work meditation.jpg


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That's a great creation. 🙂

Thank you so much, i am happy that you like it:):)

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Really dope image my friend, so creative, keep 'em coming.

I will for sure, thank you very much:)

This is awesome! Too bad you never got paid for it though 😭

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Thank you Julia:) Its ok, shit happen sometimes,lol

That is beautiful expression of the idea of community, it is like what we have in our mind sometimes there are so many thoughts about our work, family, friends and it always makes me surprised to know how much we can save in our memories. Your creation is full of LIFE!

I really like the way you see it Stef:) The thought of a loved ones can uplift our spirit at a dull day:)

It was a commissioned artwork (which the client never paid,lol)

Dang! That client is so uncool! 😂 I can relate... same thing happened for me from time to time...

Great artwork btw, so urban yet I get the yogi feels.

Really uncool and it was 101 artworks not only one,lol. Its ok, i passed over it and i took some of the money in the end, also learned photoshop. But it was a very stressing period for me.

I am glad that you liked it:)

I love this you have captured the stillness of nature and the beautiful wildness in children which really is what Zen is all about, in my eyes any how xxxx

I am so happy that you liked it:) I tried to create a connection between the real and the spiritual:)

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Really cool collage ! But not cool that you didn't get paid... that happened to me also at least one time, I was just happy I didn't sent the painting to the person 😉

Yes it was not cool dear Barbara thats why i sent him a low resolution image:)
Thank you:)

I love how your brain seems to work. :) And I love this art work.

Nice to hear that because this brain works in a mysterious way,lol. Thank for your kind words and the tokens:)

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love this image

I am happy:)

Lovely work here once again Sir George!
2 non paying clients caused me much damage in the early 90s, as I had a small building alterations company and I employed 5 young guys. We specialized in roofing repairs and alterations and both of the non payers were rich guys that wanted big jobs done. The materials cost forced me into debt and upon completion we had to hear that the one guy had emigrated and the other one filed for bankruptcy.
But such is life my friend.

I am happy that you like it and i agree, such is life, with the good and the bad times, we will stay strong:)

Thank you Sir George and as they say, "let the good times roll"