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52 united colleges5.jpg

An alien and surreal digital creation for an alien community. I decide to start sharing my weirdest creations to @juliakponsford's Alien Art community and contribute to the creation of the strangest garden in Steem.

step 1

52 united colleges2.jpg

The collage is a cancelled commission that the client really hated but i on the other hand really loved it. The purpose was to visualize an organization about colleges and as it seems i went too surreal for the client's taste. Anyway that was his problem and not mine,lol.

step 2

52 united colleges3.jpg

It was a very difficult artwork because i wanted to experiment in some new techniques i was developing while learning to use Photoshop. The basis for the image was the seaside landscape with the the boy playing around. Then found some silhouetes of people of various professions and add them to the image. I had a nice floral background and matched the background of the artwork with the background of the floral image. My purpose was to make the silhouettes totally invisible and then start erasing the blue background to reveal more and more flowers. Some figures created very interesting results but some are kind of unrecognizable. The process photos will help a lot to get the idea of what i had in mind.

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Shared at twitter.

This is awesome, too bad for your client they missed out!

Thank you Julia. He was a big time asshole but at least i learned a bit more about photoshop, and assholes,lol

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I really love your collage work. Just looking at you is an apprenticeship!

Thank you so much, you honour me with your kind words:)

This is so great!! I love it. I have painted a number of figures made from flowers but I love the idea of having multiple figures in one landscape. This work has something divine about it. What can I say? Wrong client...

Thank you for your kind words Marianda:) I think i saw them at your profile, here or at insta i am not sure. Its exciting and a challenge to work in this way, i think i will try to do a new artwork, it got me a bit inspired,lol

I like your version with the flowers first I thought that they are just random but then looking at them noticed the silhouettes too. Really good idea and color combination match very well too:)

Thank you dear Stef:) It was a very unique experiment and i think i will try to make sth more detailed and palnned in the future. Maybe a larger figure:)