system failure- audiovisual collaborative artwork via blockchain - ep.3

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audiovisual collaboration on a blockchain - episode III

Separated 12000 miles, two artists can easily collaborate directly without any 3rd party or interference.

###system failure
created and produced by

@vachemorte (audio) and @elgeko (visual).

Steem makes collaboration easy and no 3rd party is needed at any point. all revenue is fairly distributed automatically by the smart contract settings and directly sent into the artist wallet with no 3rd party or any fee or other interference !

artist can easily collaborate without any outside party and without any external interference or censorship.

We are free human beings and our art has to be untouchable, uninterferable, uncensorable.

due to troubles using uploader here the mirror version of YT. version backup coming asap.

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Just saw this really cool. The original name for the track is System Failure but close enough :) I am happy that my music find root in your creation! My offer still hold if you want to do more and if you want an high res audio file next time just reach out to me on discord! Much love.