catacombs - audiovisual collaborative artwork via blockchain

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audiovisual collaboration on a blockchain

If one person makes music and the other visuals why not collaborate? separated 12000 miles these two persons can collaborate directly without any 3rd party.

created and produced by

@vachemorte (music) and @elgeko (visuals).


It not only shows the work of two artists, who met on the Steem blockchain, but also shows the enormous power of collaborative art via blockchain. Steem blockchain is perfectly set now for collaborative projects of any kind. The beneficiaries are set easily within a smart contract directly while posting the final artwork or any other related post to the collaborative work. This makes colaboration easy and no 3rd party is needed at any point. all revenue is fairly distributed automatically by the smart contract settings and directly sent into the artist wallet with no 3rd party or any fee or other interference ! So with this kind of easy to set beneficiaries,

artist can easily collaborate without any outside party and without any external interference or censorship.

NFTs are here

With the upcoming of non fungible token (NFT) within the Steem Ecosphere another big door opens up for digital content creators and artists but also for game developers and other game ideas utilizing NFTs.

We are free human beings and our art has to be untouchable, uninterferable, uncensorable.

due to troubles using uploader today with my @deluxe-edit account, here the mirror version of YT. version backup coming soon via @deluxe-edit account.

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Yo really cool this animation!!!
Glad u used my track for this. I was most impress with the visual at 0:55
If you need more music in the future just choose a track. My catalog is pretty big and there is no easy way to find all my work (unfortunately) but on this link I have 213 track to day and counting. Save the link for next time :)
much blessings for you!!!

I´m allready peeking at the track: system failure - its 4 sure cool for a abstract audiovisual-sync with the organ as leader. . . . +great: 213 tracks and 5000 minutes of visuals meeting on da chain.

"System Failure" won't fail you :)

This turned out fantastic, I bet you can make some really cool gifs out of this too 👏👏👏

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