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Greetings continuing with this series of illustrations, here I bring you the first one referring to one of the viruses, which is called HORUZ


The HORUZ virus at first was not thought to be a virus, this was actually a super serum to create super soldiers capable of seeing hidden entities between dimensions whose original name was VISION HORUS It is said that in Egypt a vacuum was obtained that according to it contained blood of horus and according to the hieroglyphs indicated that this was drunk by the priests to see and contact dimensional entities, so a secret society who found this decided to experiment, but they realized that the results did not progress until one day a soldier could accept in his body the modified substance with excellent progress, until the 33rd day arrived and every change causing a mutation in it and infecting all those that it touched with its hands or bit, being known as the VIS0R patient commanding hordes of infected, this virus It differs from others since the virus is transmitted by touch if it touches your skin and not only by biting others, the infected has mutated eyes all over his body, which makes it difficult to catch him off guard

Well now a little history now let's see the step by step of the illustration



They already saw the final work from the beginning

I hope you like this monster part of the metropolice series, soon more





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