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Greetings to all those passionate about the alien issue, today I bring a small sample of what I do regarding the kaijus, who does not know them? the giant monsters that appear in that Japan of colossal struggles between good and evil where both sides are often as colorful as the same rainbow

I like the kaiju because there is no guideline to draw them, that is, can you add what you want without problem, 7 arms? no problem, 20 heads? Why not, that of not having a guide to draw them is what attracts me to them to create them from 0 and see what beast will emerge

(this was a job for a magazine)

Kaiju are creatures generally linked to the sea and the fear of the Japanese in tsunamis and of course they are also linked to their culture of paranormal creatures, often taking the yokai kappa as a creature on which to base themselves among many others.


The kaijus always or almost always have marine elements for that reason, as for their origins are varied, some are classified as mythological and ancient sea beasts, others that are mutations by radiation and many other creatures from space or other dimensions that come to attack humanity


The kaijus were born in the 1950s with godzilla, which also enters the classification of kaiju, from there these giant monsters become part of Japanese culture.


These have gone through various films, real action television series and even anime and manga, some being villains and in other cases being heroes but without ceasing to be monsters and there the charm, having their own free will to do with their power Of course, one way or another they make disasters where they go


not all kaijus are skyscraper size, some are a few meters and even human size, showing even more the variety of them, I think there are even quite small kaijus of child size


The other point of these creatures is that many times they work together or separately, sometimes with a purpose or sometimes just attacking for attacking, whenever they are coordinated or there is almost always a leading kaiju who leads being a kaiju king, emperor, or queen. , a monster that tells when and where to attack


In short, the kaijus are fictional beings that give freedom for their creation, that is why they have doubted so many decades in a fresh way in Japan and even the world, I hope you like these original examples made by me

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