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As I have already mentioned, here it's winter and there are times to put seeds and make seedlings for the spring summer garden. There are many works to do such as cutting firewood, cleaning the orchard from last season, making movable greenhouses, planting small trees, watering, etc.
On the other hand, it's always to continue knowing yourself, rediscover yourself every day, detect and change mental patterns, say what you feel and be consistent. Whatever we do, we are always learning and rediscovering who we are.


Oil pastel and black pencil on paper
22x29cm (120g)
Bruno Nacif

Blessings and have a nice day!



Hey Bruno, are you on discord? I have a new art project launching soon that you may be interested in and I would like to chat privately if possible:)

Hello Julia! Yes, I'm in Discord: brunonacif

I can't find you to message because we don't share a server I think, would you like to join the alien art server so I can message you?