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Of the elemental beings that inhabit nature.
I have been living on a piece of land for many years and when you start to make your own garden and connect with nature it's impossible not to notice that there are places with different energies. Then one begins to study dowsing and telluric crossings and begins to take those things into account to improve our surroundings.
There are certain places where I'm sure there are elves o elementals o fairies. I have neighbors with stories like this: every morning when he went to take out the horses, they had their tails braided. They unbraided the tails of the horses and reappeared at nap with their braided tails. And tha happens many times. He is sure, after trying to find other explanations, that the mischievous elfs are responsible.

A mischievous and happy creature at the foot of an eggplant plant.


Oil pastel and black pencil on paper
22x29cm (120g)
Bruno Nacif

Have a nice day!


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I like the name of this post :-). Loving your art homie, and I can definitely relate to connecting with nature and the spirit of Gaia.

I'm glad that my friend!