Trippy Thursday - THE SUBLIME PATTERN SHOW episode 2

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After a short consultation with myself, that happened a few minutes ago ...


... I decided to start every post of this extremely long series, with the following written intro ...

2 Gif Golden red pattern NUM 12.gif

Once upon a time ... a few years ago ... ... I drew tons of floral ornaments, geometrical shapes and various random stuff in Adobe Illustrator ... ... and put those shapes together in various combinations to create hundreds of patterns. It was a Shutterstock project and I uploaded about one third of those patterns there ... but then I discovered Steemit and forgot about Shutterstock ... Steemit leaded to HIVE ... and so now, I decided to resurrect the patterns, give them new life with a bit of animation and publish them here as a series of slightly hypnotic posts :D ...

3 Gif Golden red pattern NUM 12.gif

... so here comes another collection of variations ...

1 Gif Golden red pattern NUM 12.gif

... on one of those hundreds patterns.

4 Gif Golden red pattern NUM 12.gif

It can fit nicely into the #trippythursday tag ... so I'm glad to finally resume my activities in that cool, trippy @blacklux initiative.

5 Gif Golden red pattern NUM 12.gif

As always in these posts on HIVE ...


... the artwork and the GIFs made from that artwork - are in all segments my work.


@tipu curate :)

After a short consultation with myself

Those don't always end well, for me :))

I like the fourth animation best. It is the only one I find relaxing and could hypnotize me. (Yes, I have been hypnotized, many times.)



Everything is spinning on the screen, something crazy in this post, cute as it grinds in colors, which I don’t know, I just have to look again, I’ll get back to you when I review it a few more times ;))))

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