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There is this fenced area ... some kind of military range ... on the coast, not far from where I live ...


... it used to be off limits ( hehe, sounds considerably cooler that just closed for public) ... military airplanes used to fly low above that stretch of coastline ... and when I was a kid, it was a rich source for SF imagination ... What are they building there ? Are they experimenting with something unimaginable, like in the movies?


Now, some decades later, it's completely abandoned, open ... and I go in and out whenever I wish ... it was a training range for airplanes and helicopters and their weaponry, and as far as I know nothing strange or exceptional ever happened there ... but still ... sometimes ... when I pass the line where once was a gate, now visible only by two rusted poles and pieces of fence mixed with the flowers and foliage of the shrubs ... while driving by the decaying watchtower ...


... and buildings surrounded by tall grass and other vegetation that lives its cycles without ever being cut ... I can see things getting weird in the rearview mirror ...


... colors are changing ... getting very intense ... just like the feeling of detachment from the everyday experience of the world around me ... it becomes a space travel and a time travel, interdimensional travel through my childhood fantasies, old movies, comic books and TV shows ...


... and I start to notice strange life forms in the ordinary, earthly nature ... here you can see one of those things, something pretty small following a butterfly ...


... here I caught something much bigger floating in the sky ... but I couldn't get a sharp shot ... big fantasies are often blurred and distant ...


... I see not only the surroundings in different colors when I enter this zone ... but myself as well.


Once I noticed many airplane trails in the red sky above the area ...


... and when I zoomed in ...


... I saw this ... something extraterrestrial was falling down.


Even the ordinary coastal rocks can become quite alien with a simple change of color ... and I sense different gravity while walking along the shore.


I saw many flying aliens here ...


... above the old buildings and meadows ... some were floating like aerial jellyfish ...


... some were flying like birds and butterflies ... most of the life forms I encountered, and practically all that I successfully caught on camera, were active in the air ...


... only once ...


... while exploring some ruined building ...


... that looked pretty creepy and majestic in its decay ...


... only there ...


... deep in the basement ... I was able to photograph this unknown three - legged creature, pretty different from other, much smaller animals that were crawling around that creepy house.


And now ... is time to pass by the assembled warning signs ... along the road that leads back to reality ...


... and exit the zone. As always in these trippy excursions on HIVE ... photographs, edits, artworks and all that visual stuff is in all segments my work.


The alien creatures are taken from some artworks I made some time ago, it's a long series of pictures depicting the fauna on some imaginary planet, made as a combination of hand drawing, painting and macrophotography assembled together in Photoshop ... I plan to use those artworks one day in a series of science fiction posts, when my English gets better and when I find some cool narrative that can be stretched through many episodes and still be fairly interesting ... some kind of space opera focused on imaginary extraterrestrial biology ... but we'll see ... how the future will unfold ... for now, I upload those artworks in the #NFT Showroom from time to time, you can see more there :D even buy stuff if you wish.


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Is this really for real. Pics are amazing

The place is real :), but the aliens are artworks.

Fantastic post!
What a great short story told in pictures and words.

Really got me in.

Thanks :) glad you like this semi - fictional travel report from my area.


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Cheers :)

Very cool - lol, it's like your own Skinwalker Ranch! Lucky!

:D Something like that ... with no investments, the old military range was turned into a Science Fiction themed park, almost like the Third World's Disneyland.

I like it! Old sites like that are pretty cool - there is an old Gopher Works munitions factory about 2 hours away that I need to get to for some photos. With some luck, maybe there is a Bigfoot lurking there (or Minnesota Mothman, perhaps) that i can photograph - cryptids love Minnesota sadly :(

@borjan Yeah it's a good story allegedly based on a true incident in West Virginia - lots of weird stuff attached to it (here is a good book on it) -

:) There is a good chance to meet something incredible if the mood is right, and in desolate places usually is, so some creature will probably appear ... Mothman sounds interesting, is the first time I hear about it ... is this some kind of moth - like humanoid thing?

I've seen some similar strange and creepy historic sites in Albania, but never been to Croatia. Hopefully someday I can see those beautiful beaches too. !wine

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Cheers. :) Hope you'll come for a visit. I plan to go on a trip around the Balkan area relatively soon, when I put a bit of money aside, primarily in search for natural habitats to photograph, insects, spiders and such ... but also everything else, of course ... if I will realize that trip, I'll surely visit Albania. It's not faraway, and I know so little abut Albania actually, so it's a great place for me to go.

Awesome, i love this kind of post 🙂

Thanks :) glad you like this mix of fantasies and real life stuff, I have a lot of fun to make this kind of posts.

Epic :)

Carsko, bravo!!!


Thanks :) Te zapuštene zone su super za fantaziranje. Cheers!

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Wow! Such a wonderful journey into another dimension! You were lucky that you didn’t encounter the aggressive aliens! You saw nice little aliens! But the last one looked quite serious and can be defensive if you made the wrong move! Your area 21 is much more interesting than Area 51!😂😂

:D Yes, I'm always lucky with alien creatures, that's why I'm still alive.

Hahaha. They know you could understand them somehow and they were a bit lonely. They also need friends in other dimensions. 🙀😻😻🛸👽👽😎

:D Everybody needs more interdimensional contacts.

Nicely done, we gotta let our imagination run wild sometimes.😁 Did you make these "aliens" yourself?

Thanks :) Yes, I imagined, drew and paint the aliens some years ago ... and then photoshopped them into the photographs of the real place.

Nice. Good to see all kinds of different posts on Hive. The more I explore the chain the more I see people here make a lot of interesting stuff. Keep it up 😉✌️