ONE PIECE is Likely to End in 5 Years? Why We Are Worried?

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In one interview last year Eiichiro Oda stated that One Piece will likely reach its ending in 5 years. This confirmed by his editor recently, that in the current pace the manga currently is moving, an ending in 5 years could happen.

Eiichiro Oda is known for terrible time prediction. Oda always expects things to take less time than they can take realistically. He originally planned One Piece to have a 5-year run, but it's serialized for more than 20 years despite Oda stating he's still going for the ending he originally planned. He also said once that Straw Hats would reach Fishman Island "soon," only for it to take 2 years in-universe. 5 years in real-life. They took several arcs of detours before they finally reached their destination.

That's why, when he said that One Piece is ending in 5 years. Most of the fans, me included, didn't thought too much of it. Oda's time estimations are always off. But when the editor says so, we can't help but believe him. Especially since they roughly knows what is roughly left of the story and editors are generally better at estimating time than Oda.

We don't want a rushed ending!

I'm more worried about ONE PIECE ending in 5 years... Not because I don't want it to end, but because the manga seems very rushed recently and for it to end so soon, it might have to be rushed even further to wrap things up.

Halfway through Wano arc, manga chapters starting moving at double then triple the pace they originally moved at. Many fights are happening off-screen now, and the ones we see are ending way faster than the fights we were used to.

Most of the fans think that 200 chapters are to little to wrap all the loose ends. Even though the main three mysteries of ONE PIECE are connected and could be solved at the same chapter, there are other questions that need to be answered before that.

A big arc of ONE PIECE takes around 100 chapters. Which takes two and half years considering the frequent breaks Oda takes. So, five years from now means two arcs at most. I can't imagine all of them being enough to wrap all the mysteries in a satisfying manner. (Though I really hope for it to be the case.)


There are at least two new islands with anticipated arcs: Elbaf and Laugh Tale (formerly known as Raftel for English-speaking fandom.) I believe the only essential arcMany fans expect finding that ONE PIECE won't be the end of the series, and I'm with those who expect a long Final Battle arc after that, an Arc that I hope to last 150 chapters (more 3 years) alone to sort out all the loose ends.

That's why we are worried. Because all of us want the ending of our favorite manga to be an Epic arc that's is bigger with more impact than any big arc we have seen thus far!

What do you think?

First image is taken directly from this reddit post. Second image is a screenshot from ONE PIECE manga, chapter 974!

I am 95 episodes in, and I still have no idea what the One Piece is or even what the Pirate King is. The Narrative of One Piece in these early stages moves at a snails pace. The Idea it would take five years to tell this story from beginning to end is insane to me, I am not worried about this being 'Rushed' if it's going to take another 5 years. :p

Yeah, being fast paced is the opposite of One Piece... Each arc takes its time and gives all the new and returning characters their time in the spotlight and that contributes to how long it is.

The Idea it would take five years to tell this story from beginning to end is insane to me,

That would be for any other series for me... There's something about One Piece that makes its slow pace feel more rewarding than annoying. (That is the Manga. The anime has even slower pace since the second half of the series and it's becoming very bad! So much, there's a fan-made shortened version of it.)

Chapter 100 (Anime episode 52) of One Piece only marks the end of the prologue after all...

And this will break my heart into two. 🥺🥺🥺

I have same opinion with you, Oda really sucks in giving timeline with One Piece. But I think the adventure will not be rushed, I think it would take more than 5 years but less than 10 years to end.

I think after Wano ark, the strawhats would be heading to the final arc which would be Raftel. Might have a little detour in Elbaf but I do not think it would be an arc with hundreds of episodes. It might be like the islands of the Mink tribe since I do not expect long battles in it giving the thoughts of them befriending 5 giants already. Might have a detour in there because of the 4th rio to pinpoint the location of raftel.

So i think after Wano, the final arc would more likely to starts.

I don't care if the next arc will be the final one or not as long as each chapter is satisfying and important characters (especially ALL the Straw Hats) get enough spotlight in that arc.

I feel that it is going to be a bit forced because taking into account that this arc is in the middle and adding 50 more episodes to it for practically 1 year, plus two arcs more than 100 episodes are almost two years and I do not think that the great Oda frames so many mysteries in That at least leaves us a bad ending as has happened with works like Bleach, the truth is that we love One Piece and I hope to be alive to witness the end in Raftel of the Mugiwaras.

Sadly, if it is true that it only has 5 years left, then I have the same fears... Though we could get a perfect ending in such small time, it just feels highly unlikely.

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