JASON storage for 100k

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So, I was at the restaurant in the afternoon, after ordered my food and I picked a less crowded spot, sit myself at the corner, right behind another table with 2 ladies at that place.

Food is really good, but I suddenly heard some unusual figures came out from the ladies behind me. I don't think anyone would even really think old ladies conversation to be intriguing as this one.

One of the lady told the other she sold her son's PenDriv³(a brand of USB storage device) for RM100,000. The other lady was actually talking to this 100k lady about her son, which was killed in a freak accident some time ago, and it's nothing wrong to liquidate the children's belonging since he's not around anymore.

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The lady went on and say, she couldn't extract any pictures from the storage device other than some BIN file and JASON file(believe to be JSON) , so she went and check with the computer guys. The guy is very generous telling her it was a computer software her son is working on, and it worth about 120k once the project completed. The computer guy also offer her to buy over all the left over and belongings of the sons computer, and particularly mentioning if there's some rigged computer that consume a lot of electricity they might have, and he offer to takeover those machines for a reasonable price. So, the lady said she finally sold the company files in the drive for 100k, and balance of the computers that does not have a monitor, RM400 each.

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Although I may not be the smartest, but having heard of the conversation, it really drives me think how many BTC was in that USB wallet that contains only JASON file, and BINary files. There's a chance that the passing phrase and the seed all in the same drive. Knowing there's some computer that consume big electricity and does not have a monitor attached, big chance is the dead kid is a miner. Just how many BTC the computer guy saw in that USB device? The other person went on and congratulate her on being able to liquidate the sons asset at such high price and now she can finally prepare to migrate to UK to stay with the daughter or something.

For a very brief moment, I was so tempting wanted to jump over and ask the lady if she got anymore of those USB storage device with some JASON file in it. But, after I hesitated for a while, the patron left the restaurant and left me there with my jaw wide dropped. Now that I think it back, had the lady still got another USB drive with JASON, she could have get the same guy and sell it regardless of how much he has to offer.

Obviously, the lady doesn't know how those monitorless computer work. And the son were killed without leaving any extra information on what he was doing with those computers, naturally selling "scrap metal" to computer shop at RM400 a piece is a freaking good deal.

And now when I think back what am I trying to do, I feel nervous of how human can changed their mind when taking in lucrative information. I could be bringing the worst news to the lady, knowing her son was killed, and she sold his property for a fraction of its actual value. Even if the lady has another unit of those storage, let's say the JASON file shows me there's 2 BTC in it, am I going to spend RM470k to buy it from her? Or am I just as crooked as the other guy who paid 100k and obtained such piece of digital asset from the old lady's dead son?


For sure those guys made a good deal but I am not sure if I can make the same.
I can more imagine to tell the lady the truth and offer her my help to sell those BTC for a some percent of the income like lets say a broker fee or I dont know.
Or other option to offer her my help to sell the BTC for the mining machine. Since she cant use it anymore and of course even like what u mentioned if she sell it she will get just a small amount for that.

Thank you for your reply. On moral, yes we can help her to sell those valuable assets. But on reality, that wallet already sold. The lady is happy with the deal. She don't even know what JSON for and called the file JASON, I could have ruin the rest of the knowledge she has. Besides, the deal was already done, what do you think the lady can do if she founds out 1BTC is actually worth RM245,000.00? Where she sold the whole wallet for RM100,000.00? And I'm only assuming there's 1BTC in it, what if there's more? I think the lady will have a heart attack, and I will be the killer who pull the trigger on her.

Imagine, what can she do to get that wallet back? I bet there's very little she can do. May be getting the piece of plastic back if she pays back that 100k, but probably without the JASON in the plastic stick anymore, don't you agree? After thought of it, I think I made the right decision to NOT offer help, to NOT letting the lady know what she's dealing with. She's good with that 100k, and I believe that's what she designated to have in her life.

Yes u made the right decision for sure. Since better for her like this.
I just imagine what if I am there in that store and she came in to ask advice.
But of course I cant blame also the guys since they are not responsible what happened with the poor guy who died and who knows what is they financial situation. Maybe they have loans maybe they just earn a small amount like what is just enough for they living.
So hard to judge because we dont know all the details.
But this is sad if those guys in the store they have a good income than they actually robbed her.
So I just made my opinion what if I am the one who is there at the store.

In your situation I agree 100%. Better to stay silent sometimes and just let everything as it is.

THAT is a wild story! It is good that you question how you would have acted, if you were the buyer. Many of us never put any time into thinking about how we will behave in morally challenging situations.

I was actually going to ask if she has other JASON, I will offer higher price, like the "full value" as previous buyer suggested at 120k 🤣 that point of time, I did have a lots of thoughts, should I tell her the truth? Should I just make the lie a bigger one and I do the same as the other buyer. And finally decided to let the JASON go.

Ask myself 10 times, if I'm that 1st buyer, I would have done the same. Or probably exchanged another bigger storage USB storage device and tell her the old one was broken 😅 darn it, I'm worst!

LOL, well at least you know that about yourself!