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The time has come finally after how many years of Zanu PF dictatorship? Where were there voices when Mugabe was in power? This is going to be interesting to see how this one plays out.

The problem the people of Zimbabwe have been facing for the last 40 years is that the bulk of the people have no future. Under Mugabe it was a total dictatorship with rigged elections and now it is history repeating itself under President ED Mnangagwa. Some say he is worse than Mugabe which is rather scary.

When Mugabe died the people of the country thought now things would only get better, but the reality is nothing has changed. High inflation and now curbing foreign currency as it is in short supply.The American Dollar and South African rand was being used mainly as no one wants the Zimbabwe Dollar.

I read last week that the people in the country were being barred from trading crypto as it was using up to much foreign capital. Mobile money transfer platforms were forced to stop as it was putting to much pressure on the currency demands. Most Zimbabweans use the phone apps as using a bank would be disastrous as your money is not safe as there are no guarantees your money will be available.

The country has had major corruption in it's government for decades and Mugabe helped himself and died one of the richest men in the world. Amazing to think he had nothing when he became President, but owned mines all over Africa. Mnangagwa looks like he has learnt from the best and will continue where Mugabe left off.

The only worry I have about this is the Army basically removed Mugabe and reinstated Mnangagwa so how much power does he still hold with them. The people letting everyone know will just give them time to prepare. I have always seen Zimbabweans as weak as to allow this to happen to their country for such a long period and now all of a sudden what has changed?

I use to live there many years ago and the country and it's people are fantastic. I have never understood why there wasn't a coup to topple Mugabe and now we will have to wait and see if this is what it is and how much blood shed will happen.

South Africa as a neighboring country will probably be looking on with wide eyes. Who knows if this could cause a rippling effect as the people have had enough.We saw with the uprisings in the Middle East what happened as it spread like wild fire.

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When the system which was instituted to serve and protect the people turns out to haunt them, it is nothing but a sad sight. I wish the beautiful country of Zimbabwe wins in this struggle.

I think we all do as this has gone on way too long. Too many people suffering because of a chosen few.

What do you think it will take to change things there? It is sad that all of this is happening. I'd say maybe someone should step in and help out, but we all know how much the rest of the world loves the US sticking their noses into others business...

They need to start over from scratch. Get rid of the Chinese mines that they were given for nothing by Mugabe and take ownership of their country. No one can fix this but them and no one should be offering either.It will just be thrown in their faces in 20 years time so they broke it and now they must fix it. The agricultural land is superb and they need to get back to supplying other countries with fresh produce and not thinking about subsistence farming. You cannot split farms up into thousands of smaller farms as that is not productive. This will take generations to fix and wont happen over 10 years.