Hivechess Tournament Season 5 Round 2: We have a new winner, @yazp!

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Dear Chessfriends,

in the second round of Season 5 we were 13 players including 2 new to Hivechess (@klausklaus and @masterswatch - welcome!). This time @yazp (zulukill) was man of the day and won epically with 4 points lead over @sawko who for the first time was left with the 2nd rank! Congratulations!
The again somewhat strange pairing might have helped @yazp, but anyway, we know this from Lichess. And in their only game against each other he could beat @sawko which made the difference between place 1 or 2!
@jaki01 got "only" the 3rd rank, followed by myself as 4th. With quite a gap landed @schamangerbert (HerbyW) on the 5th spot and the remaining tournament points went to @masterswatch, @pereu4ivatel (pereu4uwatch) and @vjap55 (who must have had some connection problems).

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 5 "Spring": 12 Feb to 23 April 2021 / Ranking after 2 rounds:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPoints
3 (+1)@yazpzulukill1998213
4 (-1)@stayoutoftherzstayoutoftherz1987211
6 (new)@schamangerbertHerbyW174914
7 (new)@masterswatchMasterswatch164613
8 (-2)@sammy00migmag140313
9 (-2)@lighteyelighteye139122
10 (-2)@pirexDad3v1541?11
11 (+2)@vjap55vjap55213321
12 (-3)@rodrookrodrook145420
13 (-3)@maciejficekXM9000141820
14 (-3)@kreurKreur198510
15 (-3)@alberto0607alberto_0607153820
16 (-2)@zacherybinxsirtetris195610
17 (-2)@manncptToful125010
18 (new)@klausklausklausklaus881157?10

Due to his win today, @yazp (zulukill) could gain the 3rd rank, ex aequo in points with @jaki01.

The rules you can look up in the announcement post.

See you next week and keep practicing!



Hm, normalerweise spiele ich nicht so schlecht. Die App ist noch total ungewohnt und auch sehr verbesserungsbedürftig. Beim letzten match war dann plötzlich die Internetverbindung weg, nochmal sorry.

Wird nächstes mal, hoffe ich besser klappen!

Ich würde echt nicht übers Handy Schach spielen. Zumindest ich bin zu alt dafür 😃. Mit einer Maus bin ich 10x schneller und die Gefahr, dass man unabsichtlich einen falschen Zug macht, ist zumindest bei mir höher am Handy.
Aber trotz aller Widrigkeiten schön, dass Du mit dabei bist. Je mehr, desto besser!

Yay! 🤗
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