Hivechess Tournament Season 5 Round 1: @sawko was the winner but it was close this time

Dear Chessfriends,

The first round of Season 5 (called "Spring") was a classical 5+0 round with record-breaking 15 players participating (although some of them showed up a bit late)! @sawko was of course unstoppable, but this time @jaki01 came quite close and ended up only 1 point behind as second. Congrats to both!
With a distance of 9 points, I was able to make the 3rd rank, very closely followed by @yazp (zulukill) as 4th. With quite a gap again @pereu4ivatel (pereu4uwatch, formerly known as drak0nb) (5th) and @sammy00 (migmag) (6th) followed. The remaining tournament points went to 2 players new to Hivechess, @lighteye and @pirex (DaD3v) who were able to score with their first appearance - congrats to both as well!
@rodrook had the unlucky 9th place and with an average opponent rating of 1902(!) he was this time the one with bad luck with the pairings.

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 5 "Spring": 12 Feb to 23 April 2021 / Ranking after first round:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPoints

The rules you can look up in the announcement post.

See you next week and keep practicing!



I really enjoy playing the strongest players. Even though it results in a lot of loses. :) My average opponent rating was the third highest in the field of fifteen and the highest of those who played over three games.

I’m shocked how bad I have played (forgotten all my openings from the ’80s), and how high at the standings I am despite of my terrible games… 😁 But it was enormous fun. Thank you, @stayoutoftherz 🙂

Hi @lighteye, glad you enjoyed the tournament! I am not shocked any more about my bad play… (LOL)

My ‘play’(?!?) reminds me on my very young days when I was just learning and falling for all the traps available, @rodrook :)

Most welcome! Would be a pleasure to see you next week again.

If I am at the computer, I certainly won’t miss it, @stayoutoftherz :)

I could win two games versus sawkito because he blundered due to less time in berserk... Just see:
But I did not do good moves in crucial moments...
Best wishes.

You almost had him. Maybe next time!