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RE: Problema de ajedrez 5 | Chess Problem 5

Dg5 tratando de hacer cambio de damas y liberando la presión en el tablero del bando negro y creando presión al bando blanco, ya que los caballos blanco se estan perdiendo.


I agree, 1. ... Qg5 must be the best move for black with clear advantage.

By the way, @flaws, I think, in general it would always be useful to give the reader the source of every chess problem: is it self-created, and if not, where did you find the position or what are the names of the players involved in the game and the tournament in which it took place ...

Hi @jaki01, thank you for your recommendations. I couldn't answer before because I've been very sick these days and hadn't been able to get around here. When I publish chess problems again I'll do it that way

I hope you feel better again!

Hi thanks. I will tell @flaws

That movement crossed my mind. But I was conservative. I didn't want to get into so much problems. :)


Yes, 1. ... Qg5 should be the winning move, but lets wait for @flaws, he is the creator of this post ... :)

¡Efectivamente @soy-venezuelien! Dg5 es la jugada correcta, luego de Dxg5 y hxg5 ambos caballos están amenazados y sería ventaja material a favor de las negras.