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RE: Hivechess Tournament Round 3: @sawko strikes back!

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Thanks for games! Still can't believe I ended up second after such horrible start - loss vs @sawko in first round and draw with @stayoutoftherz that I only got by luck because I suspect he tried to flag me instead of winning on board. I had dubious/lost position entire game after my "brilliant" experimental "opening".

Then I went on winning streak for remaining 7 games, that included my best game against @jaki01. I love playing with him, because most of the time our games actually looks like "normal chess" at least until time on clock gets low :)

And my craziest game was clearly against @pereu4ivatel - somehow Grunfeld Indian turned into nearly promoting pawn in midgame. Yeah that whats Grunfeld Indian is known for :D If you want to look at only single game choose this, its wild (and full of mistakes on both sides too ofc).


... that included my best game against @jaki01.

Yes, great game from you. In the end I made a big blunder, but already before you had built some initiative and pressure on the king side, so it was a well deserved win.

in rapid-960 it would be even cooler)