A small selection of my gouache works of the past years

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So it was Saturday. As I promised, today I publish a small set of my previous works made in the gouache technique.

Вот и наступила суббота. Как я и обещал, сегодня публикую небольшую подборку своих прежних работ, выполненных в технике гуаши.

I have already written many times that gouache is a special paint for me personally. The fact is that using it you can work both in the technique of classical painting with brushstrokes, and by the method of watercolors.

Я уже много раз писал, что гуашь лично для меня - особенная краска. Дело в том, что ей можно работать как в технике классической живописи мазками, так и методом акварели.

Among my works, there are some copies of works by famous authors, as well as my own ideas. You can also notice different techniques in the paintings presented here.

Среди моих работ попадаются, как копии работ известных авторов, так и мои собственные задумки. Ещё можно заметить разную технику в представленных здесь картинах.

Gouache can be used both on white cardboard and on dark paper, you can draw with wet watercolors, or with a dry brush technique. The result will always delight you and set you up for new creative research.

Гуашью можно работать как на белом картоне, так и на тёмной бумаге, можно рисовать как мокрой акварелью, либо техникой сухой кисти. Результат всегда будет радовать вас и настраивать на новые творческие изыскания.

White and tinted paper, gouache


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Those are delightful! Which brand of gouache do you use? Those colors are positively vibrant, more like watercolor than gouache.

There is some secret here: to get such bright shades, you need to make several blanks in jars, mixing gouache colors with white gouache paint. Then when you work, you get such a rich effect in drawing.gouache. : )

Thank you kindly for your secret. I will try this on my next gouache painting. But the question still stands: What's your brand?

I have a supplier's house brand, made by Schmincke, but I would call them student quality. The Schmincke Horadam gouaches are a bit too expensive for me, beautiful as they may be. So I'm still looking for an alternative.

Usually I use St. Peterburg's brand. This paints is not so expensive as other world's famous brands.

Nevskaya Palitra... I have some White Nights watercolors of theirs which are really excellent quality and I like them very much. And you're absolutely right, very good value for money. I will follow your advice and buy some next chance I get. Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

Thank you and be happy in your creativity! : )

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Nice portfolio! Very expressive colors. I’ve painted in watercolors, acrylic and oils, but have never tried gouache. Very nice.

Thank you so much. Be sure to try drawing with gouache. It's worth it!

Very cool works of art.... I like this warm colors here, and this art works look like real art not digital file :)

No, no, this is not digital art )) Thank you kindly!

Thas what I was mean, it is not , and thats why I like it .

I like the colors and detail's !

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Thank you so much )

WOW!!!!! What incredible use of colours! I love your work!

Thank you very much!