My first publication on OnChainArt - Creature of the Desert

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Hello my friends, how are you?

It is Friday, it is carnival and I at home drawing like the judicious and nerdy girl that I am LOL... in this work it took a little while but I did not want to stop publishing what would be my first publication in the community for artists #OnChainArt. 🎉🎉🎉

For this special moment I wanted to make a concept in which I made a creature in which I fused (scorpion, crab) and this hybrid came out, it is nothing at the level of @midlet, but I strive every day to achieve the level I want and achieve my goals... one of them in the medium term is to be Concept artis. 😊😊😊

Well, this is my first publication in the #OnChainArt community, hopefully I can find many good artists that I still don't know, appreciate the art and style of each one of them and have a great time in this special community for art. 😘


Initially I wanted to make a scorpion but in a different way, and for that I have changed some of its parts, I wanted to do something like an armor but not so exaggerated.


I made this drawing in grayscale to later paint it. I don't get this process very well, I know! The truth is that I am very stubborn and if I don't keep trying I will never learn. (it's my philosophy).


In this part I dedicated myself to go detailing each part of the body of this creature.


In this step I had already finished detailing things and a bit the background, after that I made some adjustments to the values ​​to be able to go with the final step. 🙌



The last step, finally! The color! I was already seeing everything in black and white lol. I used several overlay settings, soft light, degradation map.... well, the truth with many and that was one after the other, sometimes to and again removed, until finally I came to this, it has several colors. I still don't know the technique well (But it's a secret, don't tell anyone, ok 🤐), well, we're learning along the way.

ByCarmenYanes  copia.jpg



Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜

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Guao, estoy asombrada y maravillada de tu talento @yanes94. Qué magnífico trabajo digital. Saludos

Hola @marcybetancourt, gracias por tus lindas palabras y el apoyo brindado a mi trabajo... me alegra mucho que te haya gustado mi #digitalart.


Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Señorita, de verdad, algún día usted hará que mi kokoro se detenga en serio. <3

hahahahaha siempre me sacas una gran sonrisota con tus locuras. XD

Ten cuidado, no quiero que se te pare tu kokoro. lol

@yanes94 eso podría entenderse de diferentes formas jajajajaja.

excelente trabajo como siempre.

heheheheh ustedes los hombres con su mente cochina. XD

Gracias cariño. ;)


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you baby ;)

Que bello ese escorpión. Admiro tu talento, bueno ya te lo había dicho! XP
Excelente trabajo!

Hola @mballesteros, muchas gracias por verlo. Si, pero que te lo vuelvan a decir de vez en cuando es muy bueno. XD

Saludos!!! ;)

It's great!

Vale!!! Thank you very much!!! <3 <3 <3

a esto me refiero, eres my maestra de art digital @yane94
my voto and reesteem

hehehehe no vale cariño, si soy una novata como es que voy a ser maestra de alguien? exagerado. ;)

Muchas gracias cariño por el apoyo. <3 <3 <3

This is a great drawing! It's always nice to see the progress shots, seeing the rough idea turn into something fully rendered. I think it turned out great, and hey, if you're learning along the way, that's always a good thing!

Hello @offbeatbroad, thanks for giving me a little of your time and you have seen and supported my work, I know what you mean and when I see those great artists that I follow, moving from a lot of stripes to something incredible is WOW!!!, In my case I have a lot to do that but I am working to achieve what these artists can and one day be a real digital artist. <3 <3 <3

Regards!!! ;)

This is impressive!!!

Thank you very much dear @djynn ;)