The Hawker ( a metal junks fabrication art piece)

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Title: the Hawker
Medium: scrap metal junks
Duration: 24hours
Weight: 2kg

"The Hawker" is a composition of scrap metal which are refined and made useful as an art. it's a very fast composition which I welded within 24hours.
Firstly I got my model, then I got my sketch and from there I got the skeleton with the use of iron rod, after a long studying of my model anatomy, then I interpreted my ideas with the scrap metals there you will notice metals like engine plugs,Boris and lots . Pardon i couldn't have the progress shots, because I had to be fast in using my machines because of the unstable electricity... That's one of the major challenges we face here.. then I finished it all by washing and polishing the piece.

I was once an Hawker too somewhere on the street of elder sister inspired me, I had to stop Hawking then so I could cope with my studies, but my sis. never stopped then cause we had no choice.. that's just part of my story, Waking up each day seeing people, young and Old with potentials Hawking so they could eat baffles me alot, I wish everyone could be alright... But life will always be life.