📷 My new autumn landscape "In the fields of Tuscany"

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Hello, friends! Have a nice day! I have a new picture again! This time I drew a calm rural landscape with fields and various plants. There are grain fields and vineyards and small hills with hills and plains...


I drew with inspiration, imagining the fields of Tuscany. It's true that I've never been there, but I often liked to look at photos of these places.

First, I drew the general outlines of the fields and highlighted the divisions with a forest belt in the background.


Then she began to invent a plot in the foreground. I wanted to draw haystacks in a field and some vineyards in the distance. A few more houses to somehow decorate your pastoral landscape :-) I wanted to convey rural life, peace and tranquility. The silence and grace that reigns in nature.


I hope that I succeeded. What do you think?



Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes!



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Hey @singa i love your work can't wait to see more :)

Thanks )
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Woah this is all amazing, i love your work :) do you sell them as digital assets?