Sweet dark night

in OnChainArt2 months ago

I've been gathering for a long time to paint my first picture.
I'm still not satisfied, but I was afraid that using more colors would ruin the work. That's why I concentrated on blue tones combined with black and white.

Already this aurora is the result of saving the painting, where discoloration started to appear because I started working too quickly on an undried layer of paint.

Next time I would like to use more colors.


Acrylic paints.

Inspired by the anime - Kimi no na Wa (Your Name)

For my boyfriend who loves hearts on everything.


Waaa I love Kimi no na wa!!! When I saw your painting the feels struck me all over again ♥

Using more colors is definitely scary (specially in traditional painting x_x) but really rewarding if done properly! :>