Oil painting experiments on Masonite board.

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These are a few oil paintings I did a while back where I was experimenting with thick oil paint on Masonite board.

Canvas can get expensive so I wanted to find something new to paint on that would not cost me a fortune.
It is difficult for an artist to recover the costs of their materials.... especially if you have to frame your work.

I started painting larger canvases that did not need a frame, but larger canvas are very expensive.

So I bought a large 1/8” 4’ x 8’ Masonite board at Home Depot and cut into 8” x 10” boards to paint.

Seems to be working out ok. Anyone else paint on Masonite boards ?

Painting 1: Sunset on the Rideau


Painting 2: Autumn on the River


Painting 3: Winter on the River


This is the board I use... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hardboard-Tempered-Panel-Common-1-8-in-4-ft-x-8-ft-Actual-0-115-in-x-47-7-in-x-95-7-in-832777/202189720

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Thank you Very much for your support of my Art work.

Wow!!! All are lovely. Would prefer the last oil painting, it's really appealing

Well done @offgridlife

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Thank you. Yes that one sold at a gallery. I got 50% of the selling price of $800.... then I had to pay taxes on the income so I ended up with about $200. Which covers the cost of a few canvases and paint.

Wow!!! Wonderful! That's good to hear. Such a great news on that same oil painting that made such amount of money for you!

That amount is expensive in our own currency. But the taxes decreased the money left with you. I just hope you weren't affected?

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I can’t complain.... the Taxes help pay for health care and other things ... although I avoid doctors like the plague. Some day I will need one then I’ll be happy I paid all those taxes.

Okay, I understand. But If they use the taxes well for your own benefit, I think it's good. But it shouldn't be too high

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Very nice paintings - I like the sunset oil work's perspective and clouds quite a bit

Thank you very much.

great work my dear friend. you are really talented and yes traditional drawing costs are high. That's why I turned to digital

I do both. It’s nice to have some large canvases on my walls.

I love the autumn tree in the second one.

I have not painted on wood at this time, but I wondered about it.

Since I work a full time job, painting has been more in the category of a hobby, instead of a living, so I haven't kept up so much with the individual cost per piece. I do buy canvases at Michael's a couple of times a year when they have a 3 for 1 sale. I buy a lot and multiple sizes. I also try to get my paint when it is on sale too.

I have bought several fun paintings from an artist in California that are on wood. She also paints on both wood and canvas. Sometimes she has listed them just as wood panel and other times birch wood panel. I like them and they look great and it made me wonder if they would fit in a normal frame or not, but I haven't tried to frame any. I am curious how they hold up over time or if there would be any difference all. You frequently see photos of paintings from the famous artists of the past that were done on wood of some kind and they are still here. I think they painted on anything that was available sometimes. I'm use to my canvases hanging without frames and I've always been good with that, but I always make sure the sides are finished on those. I haven't decided whether the thin wood panels have the same appeal hanging alone, with glued hangers on the back, but they ARE hanging all the same. I have never attempted to have any of mine framed. If someone wants one and buys it and wants it framed, they are free to pursue that, but I have never painted on paper as a real art piece either, so there would be a different story for that I am sure.

I was surprised when you said out of $800, you may have ended up with 2 after taxes. That sounds like awful high taxes ! Do you always sell through galleries or do you sometimes sell direct? Would you have asked $400 for it direct?

I don’t sell in Galleries Any more but selling there did help me establish a starting price I could set at an Auction. So they sell for $800 -$1,000 whether in Gallery, Direct or starting price at Auction.

Ah.... ok...

Bravo! Looks amazing!

Canvases are really expensive. So I bought myself a notebook for watercolor. I hope I can have a nice painting soon. Your paintings are really great.