Stormgirl. So what?

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Hello, friends.
I leave with you this girl made of storms.

Stormgirl FINAL.png

I do not want to explain in words what my illustration should say or, rather, what my illustration should provoke. I suppose that you will see it and think "I think this drawing transmits, says, communicates... such and such a thing". I hope that my work is strong enough to make you think this or such a thing. I would be happy like that, because I work so that you can build meaning with me.
If you like what I do, visit my IG, which I usually share a little more often and in a more personal way.
Link from my previous work on Instagram


Proceso  Stormgirl 1 a.jpg

I am grateful to On CHain Art Community for hosting my drawing.

Until the next drawing

I'll try not to be too late


It is a beautiful work, for me it represents the force of the rain, perhaps Hurricane Eta.

Tuuuuu no sabia que estabas en hive, que brutaaal. Muy genial esta ilustración, desde que la vi en instagram me encantó 💕🔥

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