My First NFT Dungeon Map - Tomb of the Last King

in OnChainArt4 months ago

I finally took the initiative to mint an NFT, after waffling on if my art is a style that is appropriate for this blockchain or not for a long time. I figured I'd dive in since I'll never know if I don't take the shot!

So, today I've tokenized The Tomb of the Last King on NFTShowroom. Which is the first and only Tabletop RPG map ever tokenized on Hive.

The Tomb of the Last King is a bit of a misnomer, for the ancient Salivannese people have no word for 'King'. How this tomb eventually came to be known as the Tomb of the Last King is something of a mystery, as the closest word they have for 'King' is 'Tyrant'. Scholars assume this to be a translation issue that simply stuck around, long after it was clarified.

The Tomb itself is cut into the rock of a secluded cave system, with many winding twists and tight passages. The cavern side of the tomb is an open cavern, with six simple torches set to create a path to the large twin black walnut doors. Heavy chains criss-cross the entrance, with a single large lock.

If you manage to get past this hurdle, you'll find a faded and dusty red carpet, and some stairs leading down into the tomb itself. The light is dim, and the entire place smells of still, musty air - but the three torches set into the rough stonework walls never go out. In the center of the room on a raised dias is a sturdy stone sarcophagus. The ancient rune for 'Life' has been carved into it, with a simple inscription below which translates into a warning to any reading it. What lies inside must never be set free.

I'm very excited to share this with you and to be the first among us to dive into creating NFTs of TTRPG maps. It has been my mission since joining HIVE to prove that the massive TTRPG scene can thrive on the chain, and this is yet another avenue I am excited to explore while trying to bring a greater number of TTRPG content creators and artists into the chain.

I created this map with plain letter paper and several weights of Pigma Micron pens.

One of my early scrap paper doodles as I worked on this to get the style I was hoping for:

Anyhow - that's all from me for today. Take care, and thank you for your interest in my post!