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As per OCA rules we have a minimum quality standard that this post unfortunately does not meet.

What rule did he break? Nothing in here is obviously against the rules you have set.

The minimum quality standards rule that I linked to in the previous comment. OCA has minimum quality standards exemplified by the curated content.

I was unaware that cartography wasn't considered real art. I'll unsub and find a different community.

I don't think that it's not considered real art, just that it didn't meet the quality standard that we've got here. You're welcome to post them in ArtBees if you like (another community I moderate).

All good, thank you! I'll check that community out, thanks for the recommendation. I reposted it to worldbuilding as it predominantly is for a ttrpg game anyhow so it fits well there. Sorry for the mixup, I hadn't seen anything in the rules before I posted but I've made sure I won't accidentally make the same mistake in future.