All A Bit Broken

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I'm still having some fun with the Volume Builder object in Cinema 4D. It's been out for a few years now, but I'm just getting my hands on it. Really powerful stuff. I'll have to think long and hard about all I can do with it other than making any model into an instantly abstract piece.

On a technical level this post and the previous one are almost identical, but here I used a more representational model and rendered out a quick animation. Gifs always poop on the quality a bit though so here are a few more shots.




How are you all liking Hive so far? I'm impressed with how smoothly the transition went but with that I find myself(now that I'm not focused on the life or death of the chain) thinking about how we're going to move forward, how we can improve. We're more decentralized now and overall I think that's definitely a plus, but it does come with some more challenges. I don't really know who's working on what or what the status of anything really is. I'm sure we'll figure things out and come out stronger though. This whole situation has shown me that that's the trend here. We are like Saiyans, we get beat up, but if we don't die, we come back stronger, and we've just proven to the world we are hard to kill.

I think being patient is probably the best course of action right now. We've been through a lot and oh yea, the world is upside down right now, so there's also that. My family is down to our last roll of toilet paper and all the stores around me have been out for weeks. WTF is up with all the TP hoarders, like...why TP of all things??? It won't be life or death if we run out of TP, it's just annoying. Sometimes I hate people, but I love you more of the time :)

Anyway, see you all in the next post.

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So one of the things you can do with these is make horror movies? :D

Still having toilet paper issues over there? I think we're settling down here now, before everything shut down and everyone went into self-isolation one of my friends was saying that there were some people trying to return the things they'd panic bought and getting angry when their returns weren't accepted XD

Haha, I guess that's true if you have Trypophobia, but yea it's still pretty bad here. I'm in northern California which is one of the "hot spots" and at one point people freaked ALL the way out, so we're still recovering from that I think. I might have to get relatives to ship me TP.

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