Drawing An Owl - Animal Series

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Hello everyone!

From my animal series, I present to you my new art work. It's a pen drawing of a wildlife animal by name, Owl.


These birds are from the oder of Strigiformes with various species. They are birds of prey with with big eyes, bread head and wide vision.

This particular owl is called "the great horned owl" and can be also called the tiger owl. They are adaptive birds, aggressive and powerful in hunting.

Reference photo source

The drawing was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. My steps are below:




Thank you.


I love your endless inspiration of drawing.

Thank you bro. Art is life. So we keep on living it by regular drawing.

There is a special charm in drawing birds. They have a beautiful body structure and excellent feather texture. Turned out great!

You are absolutely right. Thank you friend.

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