Digital portrait painting in clip studio paint

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Hello hivers, i am here to share my new digital portrait painting which i painted using clip studio paint.
Normally i am not that much into csp but for this one specifically i loved working with csp. I also painted this in a completely different way. Normally i sketch and then block in shapes and then shade. But for this one i immediately started shading and painting while keeping the sketch layer on. It was really fun and somehow way easier to shade.
I started this painting a day ago, and i was supposed to finish it yesterday but couldn't.
Its finally finished and i think i rushed a little bit with the hair.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2400.png
Screenshot 2401.png
Screenshot 2402.png
Screenshot 2403.png

Screenshot 2404.png
Screenshot 2405.png
Screenshot 2406.png
Screenshot 2407.png

Used Reference Image for this portrait painting.


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