Meet my cast away friend 😁

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So my cousin and my niece opened up this huge whole on the beach, and I just had to get this guy out...

The sand was not exactly ideal to make a detailed sand sculpture, but it didn't stop us from having creative fun and also scaring everyone away... Really important to keep the distances these days. Especially when you visit an island so beautiful where everybody forgets there is a pandemic.

It took longer for me to make this poor guy than it took my four year old niece to destroy it, but thankfully I managed to take a couple of photos of him for fun.







This is a great job in the beach darling... congratulation, regards from Venezuela.

Thanks so much @gaborockstar, cheers from Greece 🌹

great creative work, thank you for sharing, have a nice weekend

Thank you @sergey44, you too have a great weekend!

Είναι καταπληκτικό!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ @nikosnitza!

Lol! Fun! Great to see that you all could get out and have some creative fun during this time. Blessings!

Thanks @lydon.sipe! Yeah it was nice though only for a while and traveling proved to be quite stressful. Weird times...

LOL that is literally how I feel in 2020, stuck in quicksand

Yeah everyone I guess ☺️

Nice work. great to have some new sand sculptors on Hive.

Thank you @ammonite... Unfortunately I am not a sand sculptor, I just do it from time to time 🤗

That's how you like your men, ha..? ;)

Lol noooooooo (not anymore)

Haha :) i hope so...
One dominant alpha male right here ;)

Yeap I think that was clear from your very first comment ☺️

:) Enjoy your week, Marian. Is that your name?