The Great Reset - Original Acrylic Artwork

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In the past year we have heard a lot of theories regarding the pandemic. Having the entire world in lockdown helped these theories or conspiracies spread faster and cause more confusion among people.

2019 took a huge toll on all of us. We've seen families divided over their beliefs in the existence or non existence of this virus. We've witnessed friendships and relationships coming to an end, just because people were acting out on their fear. We've had colleagues, family members, friends or acquaintances losing their jobs or worse their house. The worse of them all, we lost people that we knew and loved. That can not be undone.


In the beginning of 2019 it was hard to believe we were faced with a pandemic. Towards the end of the year, people were ready to comply with any restrictive measures just to get one step closer to bend the curve.


While working from home, living in isolation, respecting the social distancing, many fell prey to depression and anxiety.
Others found solace in their passions, hobbies and got more creative than ever. (That's where I fall in.)


Art has the power to change things, to inspire, to bring people together, to break isolation. In the past years I have used art as therapy for my Lyme disease. I used to paint to cope with the pain or other symptoms, as focusing on the process, I was able to escape the pain.

Last year I started to do art for good, meaning that I created artworks and gave them away to others to bring a smile upon their faces. It was a priceless feeling to see that I had the power to change something in someone's life. For the same reason, I started to do volunteer work. I founded way more rewarding than any other job I ever had.

Thus my content writing and posting here had to take a back step, as real life required more of my time. Looking back at the last twelve months, I noted that it has been a prolific period of time as I managed to paint close to 90 artworks.

"The Great Reset" that you saw in the images above is an acrylic artwork I have done recently. It's. 16"x 40" acrylic on canvas, inspired by the pandemic situation. The work aims to emphasize the idea while everyone is focused on the Covid-19 crisis, the entire world is going through some unprecedented changes.


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Yay! Nice to see you again! And with a great piece of work, too.

It's true that there is only so much time in a day and that we need to choose what we do with that time carefully. Looks like you've made some good choices! Still, hope to see you around again soon. 😀