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I promise there is new artwork coming along. In fact a few pieces because, I just started another one, which breaks my personal rule of focusing on one project at a time. There's a particular order I want to get things done in, so... ...for now here are some previous works from the vault.



On another topic...

I just had run-in with the Hive mind moral censorship police today. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that this platform is not truly censorship resistant. Posts can be down-voted from visibility if arbitrary moral codes are not adhered to. Monetary punishments are thus also included.

I don't remember ever signing any terms of service for Hive. So it would seem I've offended the moral few, while the majority of people liked (upvoted) the post.

There might be a longer blog post on this topic if I have the time. I should comment further on it, but really, the down-votes demonstrate to me that there are more important things than Hive.

1st artwork: "Lunation", 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas
2nd artwork: "Crossing the Threshold", 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas
3rd artwork: "Crossing the Threshold", A4, ink and acrylic on paper

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I guess some people have never been to a museum or an art gallery ever.

Hey Leo! Beautiful paintings, I love the lady, looks like she's casting a spell or some kind of ritual.

I also started seeing here some trends that I didn't like, artists pointing fingers at others of not being creative enough to their standards, very distasteful comparisons... anyway, quarantine got us all defensive and confused.

I disagree with that downvote and I upvoted as such. I don't generally agree that downvotes are censorship however. On Hive, stakeholders are in charge of directing the reward pool. That particular stakeholder voted to remove some of the pending reward estimate from your post for his stated reason. Rewards are never final until 7 days from when a post or comment is first made.

Beautiful pieces from your vault :) I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

pfff bro that good works, I swear it was going down in the feed and I thought that good photo is this has an air to a painting, and when I said wow what a good job.

So lovely @leoplaw truling breath-taking.

I'd not worry about downvotes or moral codes. It's best, in the world in general, to ignore the screaming throngs, let them rant and rave, life moves forward, keep your eyes and mind on creating beauty such as this and let those that 'think they know best' to continue to think and rant, there is art to be made :)