Moonlight Sonata - a portrait

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Many a time I have walked the hills where Beethoven walked for inspiration and a reprieve from his thoughts. As his hearing loss became progressively worse, he had to move further and further out from the city to the country, because he could no longer hear how loud he was, disturbing his neighbours. The frustration of his deafness drove him to near suicide, yet he persevered and continued to write music even when completely deaf.

"Moonlight Sonata", Leo Plaw, 40 x 30cm, oil on canvas

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This looks amazing! Your use of dark colors is so good ;-;

I can only imagine losing my ability to do what I love and it scares me.

Thank you Kothy!
Yes, we have to get busy with the things we love and make the most of the time we have.

Oh this is so cool ♥️

Thank you Fernanda!

Impressive portrait!

Great portrait, seems very much like what an artist that was contemporary to him might have painted, but they might have done a much tamer background, I'm not sure, I can't remember any of the art history stuff I learned a hundred million years ago XD

Poor guy, that going deaf when you love music so much would have been incredibly frustrating and infuriating x_x

Thank you!

He was not only deaf but also had tinnitus... the one thing you don't want to hear.

Jeez poor guy couldn't cut a break x_x

Which is why at one point he was close to ending it all.

I love this!!!!!

Thank you Fatima! And thank you for sharing the post! 😀

Well executed portrait - last year should have been his 250th Birthday. So even he was affected by Corona. Many festivities were cancelled (numerous examples like this one).

Cheers Otto!
I know, I saw the posters up all over town. This might have been the germ of the idea to paint his portrait. But, yes, you know what came along and ruined all of the celebrations. Otherwise, I might have busied myself sooner with the portrait.

OK Leo, get a load of this:

or this one:

What would Beethoven think? 🤣

Wow, this is a wonderful, wonderful work! It has gravitas and power. Great technique and feeling!

Thank you Javier!

Excellent recreated portrait of Beethoven. It expresses the sobriety of this musical genius. Greetings, @leoplaw.

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Thank you Jose!

awesome drawing! 😊