A New Day - oil painting

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It is also literally a new day for this painting also. This is yet another painting that I rescued from the oblivion of the forgotten corners of the studio. There's a few more "forgotten" painting projects that I intend to rescue.


"A New Day", Leo Plaw, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

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 2 months ago 

Incredible. Lovely work. Are you tokenising these at nftshowroom.com ? - Matthew.

Thank you Matthew!
I haven't looked at NFT Showroom yet. I just signed on with Foundation.

Very cool work ☺👌👌👌 I hope you make more soon.

Thank you Foxkoit! There are more paintings coming along. 😀

That's stunning! Nice rescue!

Cheers! I hate seeing a good canvas, time and effort go to waste.

Me as well. A little shelf time for a painting never hurts. (Unless it’s a commission 😁)

Ha ha, yes true that, don't keep the collectors waiting... unless you're Michaelangelo. 😀

"Forgotten" as in you've been avoiding them? XD

This one was definitely worth rescuing I think, bet the others you're rescuing are too :D

You've busted me. 😀

Oh, yes, there are some other paintings that will definitely stand out should I get to them. This year I certainly intend to. Many of them are quite advanced already.


This is pretty intense 🔥


Omg 🤤, this is amazing art,I love your technique and the way you use colors 🔥🔥

Thank you Luyale! And thank you for sharing.

Hey Leo how's it going? I was wondering, how do artists get the 'featured artist' badge on their profile?

Hi Nuthman, good, busy busy here between painting and programming.

Featured Artist badge? I don't know. I never asked for it, or was aware I had one. I guess who ever is admin for OnChainArt gives them out. It's the only art community that I post to on Hive.

Hope you're doing well.