Watercolor+Pen Flowers- Work in Progress

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Hi guys! As I've mentioned before I got accepted on Makersplace :D It's nice that they don't have minting fee, but it's probably going to take a while till my art is published :) Meanwhile I've started painting more flowers, I like taking a break from the PC occasionally. I'll make a more detailed post for each of the paintings once I finish them.



Do you think the watercolor mermaids would fit that porfolio? :) I'd edit out the pen marks and maybe add a little color animation.


I work a little messy, but it's better than how I used to work ;) The black thing in the photo is an old t-shirt cut into a rag. It's much more convenient than paper towels.


The following is a little stress relief :P I got frustrated with one of the drawings so I totally destroyed it. Not all art is meant to work out xD (I covered it in acrylics later and trashed it).


However, the failed drawing inspired this blue rose :) I'll try to refine this scraping technique and see what I can use it for, suggestions are welcome.


If the price goes down for eth gas prices later today, I'll share the next art in the adventure series ^^


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If you want a better chance to win a dragon head, just leave a comment on any pixelart post that isn't mine (or your own) :) You can win more than once.

Also NFT Showroom bonus- if you buy any of my art that costs 30+hive- you get to pick the next dragon head and you'll get 2nd edition of it. Also there are only a handful of editions left from the very first dragon head ^^


Pixelart Contest!

Thank you for checking out the post! :D


!discovery 20

Thank you <3 :D

you are welcome!

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Superbly beautiful! Not only are you good at making pixelart, but you're good with drawing on pen and paper as well! I do love those mermaids, and I think it fits into your portfolio very well. Congrats on getting accepted into MakersPlace too, it's a great achievement, and I hope to see more of your artwork there soon :-D

Not all artwork can turn out great, as you say. This is how I imagine you must've looked like when you've coloured outside the lines, throwing the piece of paper in annoyance... XD

xDD Nahh I folded it nicely into half and another half and then I smudged it all over the blue painting.... Tottaly passive aggressive 😂

Thank you!! :D

You're a lot nicer and less aggressive than I am. Honestly, I could turn paper into confetti right quick 🤣

Oh, thank you -- how wonderful! I appreciate this so much! THANK YOU!

My pleasure! Thank you so much for your engaging comments <3 ^-^

You seem to have fun there :) congratulations my dear friend, great work..

Amo las acuarelas, te quedó genial 🥰

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Thank you very much! :D