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Engraved Obelisk_compressed.jpg

Hi everyone! :D I'm excited to finally share this art with you. Since I've started the adventure series over a month ago, it has evolved incredibly. The first one I did in half an hour, while this one took me 3+h. I'm pushing my comfort zone with each painting and especially this one. My goal is to improve my attention to details and patience. Details can take way longer than painting big shapes. However, details is the best way to tell stories in art.

Check out the full resolution of the painting and the additional story here: https://knownorigin.io/edition/202125

Retweets are much appreciated:


I used strong color contrast, but I always make sure my values read well- I use a black layer set on "color" layer adjustment. I use a lot of various contrasts in this painting to create a tense atmosphere, as these obelisks are actually malicious. They're killing the environment- check the link above for the story. Moreover, this painting is a strong contrast to my previous rather cheerful scenes, but I feel together they create a more diverse and interesting world building. There is good and bad and overcoming problems can be really rewarding.


I drew the obelisks on a separate layer, to make it easier to adjust them and add all details later. I wasn't happy with the initial shape, as it felt too bulky, so I made them longer and sharper. Also I used object repetition to accentuate the feeling of space and distance. The objects in the distance start blending with the background.


Here you can see the engraving variations, I had a hard time deciding which one to stick to. I really like the "eye" version, but it felt too repetitive and simplistic. I spent a lot of time on this step and detailing out the engravings.


Here you can see the close up, all of the various cracks and textures. I still keep the brush strokes free and painterly, otherwise it would stand out too much in the painting.

The sky is the light source, so I used dark lines from above to create the illusion of engraving. Reversing this would create bevel effect instead of cut out. This is accentuated with how the edges end.


I really love how the liquid turned out- I start with the sky color and then add reflections over it. These kind of reflections are always vertical, but you can add small distortions.

At the end I used some color and hue adjustments to accentuate the cold/unsettling atmosphere more.


Last but not least- the main character- the hero. She's an adventurer looking for knowledge and ways to make her world a better place.

Full process gif:


Dragon head winners: (my blog) @mproxima (pixelart community) @flauwy

Also I've started tokenizing some photos (Full Commercial) on Lensy https://lensy.io/kristyglas/gallery :) You can use Hive keychain to log in.

Thank you for checking out my post ^_^


Three flying phallus' of Osiris, keeper of the Golden Gate. Looks very inspiring once more. I always feel immediately drawn into a fantasy world, looking at art like this.

Thanks for another dragon head! My collection is growing. :)

Welcome! ^_^

Oooooh I can feel the graphic novel coming, the adventures of Mysterious Purple Hood hehe!

I better start practicing :D

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If it felt too repetitive you could always put different designs on each one ;D

With the slowly increasing amount of time you're taking for each of these pieces I'm half expecting one of the future ones to be like a Where's Wally but instead Where's Little Adventurer XD

Yeah I considered different eyes, but nothing came up. I might use the eye design on something else ^^
hahahah I liked the wally idea xD

I'm in love with your illustrations 🤩🎉

Thank you very much ^-^

For me, I always look at the attention to detail in an artwork. I don't have the sharpest eye, and it doesn't have to be the most detailed in terms of quality. Pixelart or 3D illustrations, it's the minute details that give the artwork character, and it provides a sense of depth of the surroundings. That's what I love and that's what you've created here :-D

Thank you very much ^_^ I'm still working on my patience skills xD As I do get impatient sometimes haha

Well, I guess you and I aren't much different from one another. Patience is a virtue, but it doesn't belong in my body XD