Autumn Stroll- Painting Atmosphere/Mood

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Hi guys! I felt a bit impatient with ETH gas fees, so I finally tokenized this art :D I have 4 more paintings ready, so I just don't want to wait too long.

You can check out the story and high resolution here:

This is probably the warmest/most cheerful painting in the series so far. The colors are little too strong, but I really didn't want to desaturate the colors too much.

I use 2 of my favorite brushes for most of these paintings, one is heavy texture brush and other is sharp crisp detail brush. I might try a few more brushes in the future, but for now these two are everything I need.


Slowly but surely I'm making these paintings more detailed and spending more time on each. I'm also drawing on a bigger canvas than the first paintings. I use a bigger brush at the start, but in the end I have more space for much finer details.


The main difference in this painting from the previous is that all of the colors are harmonious, there are no sharp contrasts (the shadows are a little purple, but that's all). I considered adding more colors, but I really like the warm atmosphere. The atmosphere is the overall feeling that the painting shows, it's warm vs cold colors, saturation/greyscale, contrast vs harmony, light vs dark. Colors have a huge impact on overall mood of the painting. I used to paint extremely desaturated years ago, but with confidence I started using stronger/bolder colors. At the same time it's important to no overdo it, to not make colors too strong and hard on the eyes. So even though I really didn't want to, I desaturated colors a bit on the edges of the painting since they're less important.


I'm considering doing a second complimentary set of paintings that use the color palettes of the first set but expand the scenes in some way. This would be an interesting challenge and I think it would progress the story more. However, I'm mainly following the inspiration for now so it might be a little while till I get around doing this :)

The painting in the end took over and hour, likely 2. The smallest details end up taking the most time even though they're least noticeable.

Autumn Stroll2.jpg

Dragon head winners: @zacknorman97 and (pixelart community) @ryivhnn
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Since both guys already have all of the available dragon heads I sent them pixelart coins this time, hope it's ok ;) If you want an extra dragon head just send the coins back and let me know which head you want.

If you want a better chance to win a dragon head, just leave a comment on any pixelart post that isn't mine (or your own) :)

My latest NFT Showroom artwork:

All of the paintings I've tokenized so far:


Good night ^_^ I'll catch up with the comment in the morning.

Thank you for checking out my post <3


!discovery 30

Thank you <3333

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Those first brushstrokes really gave life to the artwork. Did you learn how to do this with paint first?

I suppose a bit :D However I haven't painted with oils in manyy (5+) years and my art really only improved this year.

Yay pixel art coins they’re so cute! 😆

My dad collects coins, I wanted to do the same for a while till I realised it was kind of an expensive hobby. I wanted to buy some for him one Christmas but sibling said mum had vetoed any more collector coins entering the house (he had quite a few at one stage, don’t know if he’s sold any since) and then I spent a couple of minutes trying to decide if I wanted to risk her wrath 🤣

I love this piece, what a random thing to find in a forest 😆 unless there’s an overgrown building or several out of shot.

Totally get the tiniest details that would only be noticed if they weren’t there taking the longest!

Aww, hope you can share a photo of the collection someday :D
My collection isn't really impressive, mostly modern coins from various countries, but I still cherish it. I don't know any coin values, I just like how they look.
Now I'm really curious how big is your dads collection if 2 people vetoed more coins xD Maybe he should open a gallery/mini museum and charge entrance fee and use that to buy more coins :D

Thank you!!

Oh my sister hadn't vetoed, just Mum, and you don't mess with my mother XD

Last I checked there were quite a few binders, guess Mum was getting annoyed with running out of shelf space XD

I will probably forget again to take a photo of it when I'm back home x_x I'm so used to it I just keep forgetting it's there XD I'm not even sure what he's got.

Looking forward to the photo :D
Maybe get your dad a compact display case xD

LoL! XD Kinda tricky getting that kind of stuff to where my parents are XD

Cheers for the coins, mate! I haven't had the time to check up on them, since logging in with KeyChain is a tad bit inconvenient compared to HiveSigner. I'll be sure to check them out, since I can always trust you to make wonderful stuff... Like this stunning illustration! The brush strokes, colours, and contrast make up a fantastically warm atmosphere. It's hard to choose, but I think this is my favourite so far 😁

I understand :D What's important is you have them if prices ever go up xD

Thank you!! It's probably going to be the warmest color one in a while, I'll see if I can figure out more uses for this color combo ^^

Please do, it's an awesome combination! I'd so love to see more from this art-style, and it's amazing to see how far you've progressed since I came across your artwork not too long ago!

Thank you! Yeah it's kind of weird :D trying to push my comfort zone now with some perspective paintings too

Never be afraid to experiment with new things, especially for you. It always turns out beautifully, even if you need to sacrifice some pieces of paper along the way.


Very cool artwork, Kristy! I'm sure you'll sell it in a flash! 😊

Thank you! It really did :D It's already sold out <3

Incredible! 😁


Always amazed with your artworks mate:)

I wanna learn this kind of art. I'm gonna try practicing this, I got like 5 days to freely practice... Class is about to start and just gonna practice in my vacant time!!

Amazing process!

Thank you! :D

Justo vi una ilustración en nft de ti, donde salía un gato con trazos simples y pues me enamoré 🤩 esta semana la compro 💙

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Además, haces escenarios increíbles 🤗✨

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Thank you :D Welcome to NFT showroom and good luck your last post with sketches is great ^_^

Amazing job! 👍

Thank you! :D