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Hi guys! Today I have something little different to share ^^ I've been drawing a lot of nature environments, but now I really want to draw some architecture and various decorated rooms, as those are really handy for story telling. I'm having a hard time painting those from mind and even with a whole bunch of references I often feel art block. Hence, photo studies, unlike my previous extra detailed photo studies, now my goal is quantity over details.

I want quantity because I need to practice quick perspective as well as drawing various items that make rooms interesting. There are a few things that always come to my mind when imagining a living room- a sofa, coffee table and maybe a cupboard/drawer. However, that's too generic for my liking, but I feel overwhelmed making too many decisions. These studies have already helped me relax a bit into room painting and I'll probably do some more.

I used a flat pencil tool, since the results are more crisp even though the sketches are quite rough.G.jpg

ref blog.jpg

I believe each of these took me an average of 15 min. I try to be quick, but I don't quit a painting if I feel that it's not done.

The most important part of doing studies is finding good references- the lighting, composition, hues and details. I do take a little too long looking for references sometimes, but I usually do it late at night when I'm too tired to do anything else anyways. I'm also trying to organize my PC images, but it's kind of futile...


The very first drawing and the image above are my favorites from the whole set. I'll definitely try more studies like this one. I probably wouldn't be able to draw something like this from imagination, but I hope to be able to make fancy compositions using various references (but not copying).


I start with the background and base colors. I used colorpicking this time as I don't need to practice colors right now. I find most of my references on pinterest, since it recommends lots of similar amazing images.


I didn't stick to the references perfectly, but rather adjusted the scenes to fit my canvas. It's surprisingly fun and it forced me to pay more attention to each drawing instead of mindlessly copying things. Last but not least, I try to remember to add all shadows, since shadows really make images not look flat.


Ref links:
1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 10; 9; 10

Full set:

I'm not exactly sure what style this is, Victorian, classical antique, Edwardian, 1900s, a mix?

Dragon head winners (for leaving a comment): (my blog) @zacknorman97 ; (Pixelart Community) @lisbethseijas


Pixelart Contest reminder!!

I'll try to do a pixelart tutorial tomorrow to inspire more contest entries :)

Thank you for checking out my post <3 ^_^


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Thank you! :D

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Thank you! :D

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Very cool and interesting work. Those rooms look like they belong to an old and haunted mansion! 🤗

Thank you.... that's the goal ;)



Amazing! It's great to see how you can embrace different styles and do awesome things 😉

Thank you very much <3
I hope you'll check out the pixelart contest :D Voxel art is welcome

Oh wow, cheers for the dragon head! I feel like I'm ready to start a collection now :-D

Lovely artwork, too! It's quite an interesting tangent to see an artist focus more on how many illustrations can be made, while apparently sacrificing details. I say 'apparently', because these still look amazing! The details are just perfect, and it gives is that hand-drawn charm!

Aww thank you <3 It does look more arty in my opinion, I've always liked the style, but only recently got used to drawing like that :)
Have fun collecting since there should be more than 50 eventually xD If all goes well.

Oh my, I guess I'll be needing a bit more space for all my dragon heads, eh? I do agree, there's certainly a lot of character, even with the simplistic details, so I hope you keep at it :-D

The're already done and with descriptions. ^^ It's just a matter of collecting enough hive to tokenize each :D

Oh, so just to publish your artwork as a tokenised piece, you need to use your Hive?

Yup :) 5 hive is first edition, 1hive for every extra edition of the same art. ^^

Ah, interesting. Hope to see more artwork come from you soon, eh? :-D

Honestly I have a 5 or so already lined up (from the adventure series), the text is the hard part for me xD

Your speedpaints are very cool man:) I am just new to digital painting, how I wish I could also learn this kind of style and technique:)

Thank you :D I recommend starting with a bigger and flatter brush (minimal texture), and choose simple theme. Slowly but surely increase the details (and canvas size) in the following drawing ^^