A New Dino Plush NFT!- Q&A Part 2

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dino plush.jpg

Hi guys! I wasn't sure what to draw, after trying several "serious" paintings, I decided to have some fun instead :)

As @ryivhnn inspired me to do a second dino plush, I sent him one of the NFT Showroom editions ^_^



This drawing took a bit under 40min, I spend a bunch of time figuring out the right brightness and saturation ^^

I started with a couple of references and the basic shape of the dino.


I simplified the shapes to make it look more like a toy. I tried to keep the style similar to the previous dino, but I wanted to make it as different as possible with shapes and color. This was fun and relaxing, I might do a couple more of dinos, but no sure how well a red or green one would look like, maybe a green pterodactyl?


Here you can see the value check. It's a black layer set to color, I believe this gives the most accurate preview of values. For example yellow is usually brighter than purple even if they're similar brightness.


This is the previous dino plush :) Which do you prefer? I like the blue color, but I prefer the shape of the new one.


dino plush.jpg

Last but not least, are the little details, like the blush and seams. Also for the patch I used a little different pattern from the previous dino.

The Q&A


PART 1 Q&A answers post

16 . I draw way more now, but I do a lot of quicker artworks along with regular paintings.
17 . I give advice constantly :D I only give advice I feel confident in and I always inform anything I'm unsure about.
18 . Perspective, I've tried and failed 3 perspective heavy paintings in the last couple of days. I can draw complex perspective very slowly, but it's still doesn't come naturally to me.
19 . Portraits, I need to practice more :)
20 . Environments, nature, they come quite naturally to me.
21 . Constantly, maybe a little too much :S
22 . Yeah, I had a big improvement jump this year, but I hope to continue improving steadily.
23 . Original art, even though my user picture is a Spirited Away fanart.
24 . Both xD If it's insanely good and doesn't feel ever achievable for me than I do get jelly. If it's something I think I can achieve in 10 years then I feel inspired :)
25 . Music, I've tried silence so many times, but I really can't get into the trance without music.
26 . Photoshop mainly
27 . This is a silly question, sometimes 1 layer, other times 50+, for a speedpaint it's around 10 layers including layer adjustments and turned off backup layers.
28 . I like watercolors lately. I really miss oil paints, but I'm not ready to invest into all of the equipment right now for oil paints.
29 . Check my previous posts? I mean I use different techniques depending on what I'm drawing. Usually soft wash of colors.
30 . Life? What's the point of art and not improving and learning new things. I'm generally very curious about everything and I feel that reflects in my artworks very much. I just want to try everything that peaks my interest.

If you make a Q&A post please share the link in the comments, I'd love to check it out!


I've tokenized probably a record number of art today on NFT showroom xD Lots of bonus heads thanks to so many art sales ^_^ <3
(Squip and Narloth are almost sold out)



Dragon Head winners for commenting- (my blog) @veeart (pixelart community) @jaynie on atlantiss's post.


Thank you for checking out my post <3


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Thank you very much :D

Wow nice

Thank you!

Very cool dino

Thank you :)

Seems like we have the same repetitive individual downvoting our posts ^^'
Could you make one of these Dino as an actual plush and I'll buy it ?? :D

It's nothing, just ignore them ^^
Aww thank you but no idea how I'd do that xD


You're way too nice to me aaaaaaaahhhhh XD

The colours and shapes of both are great and I'm not just saying that because you keep giving me cool stuff that I am going to cling to probably forever.

This is the least I can do xD You bring so much joy, I just love forwarding some joy around too :D (commenting can be a little hard for me haha) <3 ^_^

Nawww ^_^

Oh my goodness, it's adorable! I can't choose between either one, so please, if you're thinking of making your own plushies, make them both! They can be siblings, trying to survive in a world where dinosaurs don't exist, while their parents are here making pixelart for us mammals to enjoy XD

Awww this gif is so adorable!!! Maybe I should make another plushie concept xD When I do tokenize you'll get one of the edition <3

Haha, cheers! The adorable-ness of this must come to fruition!