A Cloudy Sunset- What to Write About?

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Hi guys! I had a hard time deciding what to write about today, so I turned that into the post theme :) Important to mention: this post is just my personal opinion and experience. There are no real rules, and if you like your way of blogging, I'd stick with it ^^

You can check the full resolution and more of the story here:

I started painting as a kid probably because I had trouble expressing myself and constantly dealing with language barriers. Blogging has helped me greatly with verbal expression. I could post a lot more if I skipped writing the text, since that's the really hard part for me. However, I know that with practice that it does get easier and it improves my art as well. It improves my art because I spend more time analyzing it instead of simply drawing. I'm very instinctual, but I believe instinct have reasonable explanations that can be figured out.

I try to stick to some basic guidelines- minimum 3 pictures and average 500 words. I don't count the words but after so many posts I can approximate. Some of my posts are much shorter, but I balance those with occasional longer posts.


So, what to post about?

Things that interest you and especially things that inspire you art. Later I'll give a bit more specific ideas for inspiration. The point is to make blogging fun for you, if you don't enjoy it, consider seriously why you're doing it then. Are there more effective ways for you to earn money and that you'll enjoy?

I'm privileged that blogging is fun a hobby for me, so if I don't feel pressure to post. I take a break and write down ideas that I might find interesting to post about in the future.


If blogging is the main income for you, consider in what ways you can make your blog unique. Even if you're doing ok now, you should be ready if things get harder. Try to keep up with the trends- like NFT-s for example.

What if you're just trying out Hive and testing the waters?

Then test them properly, decide for a week or a month to really do your best and see if it works for you. Going all in includes commenting/en garment and getting to know communities you pick. I believe this is more effective and better than doing the very minimum for a very long time. I've tried a lot of websites and art shops and it never felt like a waste of time because I did my best and decided on my limits ahead of time. If your time is very limited, consider posting less often but instead an epic post once per week or even month. From what I've seen posting a lot of tiny posts and getting big vote once in a while is still less effective average divided by time spent. Posting more often can be helpful for newcommers, but commenting more is even more effective to get noticed.


Consider how you can turn your art into a bigger project that involves more platforms.
By diversifying your income from 1 project, you can

@rootdraws has explained this much better and in more details and examples.

For example I got the idea to possibly print an artbook from all of the adventure series art. The following step for me is to decide whats the minimum number of paintings that I'd need before figuring out more details. I've seen many awesome book kickstarters, and I'd love to try it at least once. I don't know anything about printing or quality control, but once I have at least 70-100 drawings I can start doing some research.

What if writing in English is hard for you?

The next issue is language barrier, but it's way better if you write in your native language than no writing anything at all. If you have troubles with google translate- I recommend writing simpler sentences and translating little by little. Posting the original and translation is working out for many bloggers and it's really worth giving a try. Also it can be less stressful than writing in a language you're not comfortable with.


Ideas for what you can post about along with your art:

As promised here is a list that I hope will give you some ideas:

Favorite books/games/music; movies/shows that inspire you; your favorite art styles/art movements; your other creative hobbies (crafts, sewing/knitting, scrap diary, composing music,gardening etc.); interesting childhood memories; any interesting information you learned recently (like from a documentary); philosophy/psychology in art; what art tools you use/hope to buy some day; future goals/ideas; poetry/storytelling; places you've visited or would like to visit; art techniques you've learned/want to learn; your inspirations/fears; your work place/art station; compare your old art to new; self improvement; what you do to relax/take care of yourself; a diary- what happened today/this week; things you found/like on Hive; art tutorials/explanation.

Pixelart Contest


Some jam pie/cake I baked today :D



Dragon head winners: @flauwy & @ryivhnn (pixelart community comment): @dayerlis

I'm running out of dragon heads (I have maybe enough for another week or 2)
https://nftshowroom.com/kristyglas/gallery :)

Thank you for checking out my post! Feel free to add more ideas in the comments :D


this series could be a book art with some great adventures.

I hope so one day :D

Mad textures and colors. I also love the carefree strokes....Its seems you're so good with colours. You've really inspired me to create something like this.

Thank you! And you flatter me too much <3 I was thinking the same for you and your work, particularly AFFIONG!! :D Great texture and you've really mastered portraits (I'm not sure where to begin with faces xD) The single color really make the painting pop and it's really memorable.

You can start with the eyes...It's the gateway.

Or the nose, anatomically it's linked to other part of the face. If you place your nose very well, all other part of the face will fall into their place, since it's at the centre.

I would totally buy your art book! And all your great upvotes are well deserved. I am glad you are getting this attention.

Thank you so much <333333

I'm going to save this, and go through your example like a practice study, to see if I can replicate your painting process a few times.

Nice way to provide such deep insight into both how to post and also how to paint. Substance.

Cool I hope you share the result :D I use 2 different brushes- first textured one "chiesel" then a sharp (almost pencil) "ink" brush for details. I started doing this for more complex paintings too now :D (at the end I ad a little texture brush where needed)

I'll tag you in the post. Thanks for the details.

Yes yes yes! This is what I'm talking about, super cool art with a really personnal/unique twist, love your style!

Thank you ^-^ I love your style!! Checking out your posts now :D

Ooh the little adventurer's cloak got more detailed, it's so pretty I want it XD

What is going on in the sky, I thought it was a double moon eclipse but seems the bigger thing is an arc.

It seems I have the opposite problem to a lot of people. I always have so much stuff to write about and stuff to make, I just don't have the time to do it in XD

:3 I want it too!! Hihi
Yeahh for me the time was a problem before (still is a bit), but so far the semi schedule has helped incredibly :D And I'm more specific with what I consume online, I try to avoid the rabbit holes with time limits xD
I kind of do time limits with these too :D I'm increasing the time, but if I don't like the new drawing in 2-3h I move on and save it for possibly fixing later.

My only want of the art book would be an option to pay in Crypto and receive the physical book.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to tie NFTs to the books purchase as well so that any person who buys the book from you gets some exclusive NFTs! Personally, I think it would be a cool way to entice crypto lovers to purchase it as well as a way to onboard those that don't know about the world of Crypto-Art. I sure didn't know that the crypto art scene was this GIANT!

The art is selling out really fast so I don't know if there would be any NFT-s left, :) My bigger thought was how to reward/let know those who already own my art about the book :D (still early to decide haha, but I could gift them a unique nft with info specifically for them)

I sure didn't know that the crypto art scene was this GIANT!
I had no idea what nft-s were and so huge just over a month ago :O

Very original touch you have

Thank you! ^_^

nice blog post dear friend. and i like your style. congratulations :)

Thank you very much <3

Simple yet so beautiful ♥️

♥️ Thank you!! ^_^

Some people are better at words (me), and some are better just by showing art pieces. I wish I was the latter but I can't do a decent drawing haha! You mentioned writing is quite a challenge for you, but I felt that your words were really engaging. I was able to pick up some tips and ideas for content creation. Thank you!

Thank you <3 Yeah it is challenging unless I get an inspiration and go with the flow. However, I try not to proofread too much anymore because I end up deleting my text constantly xD
As for drawing, start small ;) Pick an easier style you like and specialize in that, it's faster and quite doable. Afterwards you can increase the difficulty.

That looks like a mighty fine pie! Cheers for sharing your story, and just like you, I've found blogging as a way to express myself even more than I normally would. Being typically timid, I've never exhanged many words with others, at least until I started writing, sharing, and engaging with others online. It's a great way to start opening up.

As for that artbook idea, I think it's a wonderful idea! It certainly takes a lot of work, and a whole lot of writing and drawing to fill that up. I'm currently watching Rob Turpin's Weird Field World artbook on KickStarter, and it's a fantastic thing to behold. I'd love to see what you can do what that idea, brimmed with pixelart :-D


Thank you for sharing :D that book looks awesome.
Yeaah writing certainly has helped me put my thoughts in order and see them more clearly for myself :)

That's great to hear! Maybe one day, we'll get to see a fully fleshed art-book from you, with many wonderful pixelart and stories to follow :-D

Thank you, that would be nice :D Meanwhile I'll work on making enough art xD and figuring out bit by bit what's important for printing a book xD (like color proofing, but no idea how that's done)

I never even head of the term, 'colour proofing' before this. I guess I'm the wrong person to talk to... 😂

Amo tus pinturas, son todas geniales <3

Wow I love the details in color

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