10 Days Of Drawing 07/10

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I was too busy last night and forgot to publish this post. Welcome to Ten Days Of Drawing Challenge. This is my personal challenge and I chose my own theme which is caricature.

This is a drawing of my cousin who is working from home on this photo. Her mom took this pic and shared with us when we were catching up on chat messenger. It's good to see them and hear updates about their status during the pandemic. I don't have a specific theme or interest today and I thought I would create a caricature for my cousin. I was not able to talk to my cousin to get her permission so I will not be showing the reference photo. Hope you guys understand 😉

Here are some screen shots of the drawing progress:
One thing I love about profile shots is they are easier to draw than those facing the camera. That's one reason why I didn't hesitate to create this
Little details like this strip of greenish color on the headset makes me excited for some reasons. My advice is if there is similar detail that excites you go for it to keep the momentum going
I feel lazy working on details that require much of my time like the laptop on this drawing. Before I lose my energy and interest I had to deal with this quick otherwise I won't finish it
As you probably have guessed it, this is my favourite stage: adding highlights and shadows. When every difficult detail had been done it is time to relax a bit and enjoy adding the finishing touches. Hope you enjoy reading.

Ten Days Of Drawing Challenge is a series of drawing one makes on 10 consecutive days. I saw this on Instagram and I thought that I can also do it here. I love drawing and had been involved in creating drawings on some platforms or just simply for my own hobby. This challenge I believe I can accomplish given that I am always online and got lots of free time. It is a challenge so it is important not to miss a day. If you are interested you can create your own using any theme you prefer. In my case I chose to create caricatures. I'm still new with this kind of art and have no formal training. I think I will learn as I go along so be with me in my 10 day art journey.