10 Days Of Drawing 02/10

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Welcome to Ten Days Of Drawing Challenge. This is my personal challenge and I chose my own theme to accomplish and that is caricature. Today will be my second drawing and I am feeling positive that I could complete my 10 day streak. Wish me more luck 🤞

This is a drawing of my friend @cabalen. She saw the first drawing I posted yesterday and she was convinced I can make a caricature of herself.
I am a hobbyist with no formal training I had to be clear about that but she doesn't mind and told me to go for it. She sent me this photo of hers. I obtained her permission to upload her photo here.

Here are some screen shots of the drawing progress:
I am not quite confident to start because this is somewhat a commissioned work and a first time to meet someone's expectations. Compared with my first drawing from yesterday that was my own self to please. Whew. Not sure if this excites me or makes me feel scared
I am feeling confident now seeing the line drawing take some shape. I love the long hair the ripped jeans and the eyes. I can finally take a sigh of relief.
The question is will she like the final drawing when she sees it? I hope so.

Ten Days Of Drawing Challenge is a series of drawing one makes on 10 consecutive days. I saw this on Instagram and I thought that I can also do it here. I love drawing and had been involved in creating drawings on some platforms or just simply for my own hobby. This challenge I believe I can accomplish given that I am always online and got lots of free time. It is a challenge so it is important not to miss a day. If you are interested you can create your own using any theme you prefer. In my case I chose to create caricatures. I'm still new with this kind of art and have no formal training. I think I will learn as I go along so be with me in my 10 day art journey.



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