Smudge Work for my Brother

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I woke up this morning and I felt like smudging my brother's picture.

This time around, I used some simple tools which are:
Both hard and soft Hir brush
Both hard and soft Eraser

At first, I was lazy to start the work and as I moved along with it, I find it getting interesting as the works continues.


After which I imported the original image, I duplicated it and smudge the one below. You can simply arrange your layers in your suitable ways.

Having smudged it then I erased the eye balls, the mouth and duplicated the smudged work twice and filtered it with colour and soft light.

Finally, I had to improvise away to get the portrait done in a twinkle of an eye. After all, I blended the whole work and make it neat.




Thanks for reading my blog...


great job!

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