Drawing of Superman (Christopher Reeve) - DC Comics

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Drawing of Superman (Christopher Reeve)
Good evening, I am pleased to show you what is for me, the only Superman Christopher D'Olier Reeve (New York, September 25, 1952-Mount Kisco, October 10, 2004) was an actor, film director and American activist, He acquired world fame as an actor by playing the man of steel in films based on the popular comic book character, Superman and is also remembered for his character of Richard Collier in the movie Ask the Time to Come Back.


  • Prismacolor Premiere color pencil.
  • Marco Renoir color pencil.
  • Derwent color pencil.
  • Colored pencil Caran Dache.
  • White pencil
  • Paper Hahnemuelle Pen Pad 250g.
  • BIC black pen.

The drawing is taken from this photo :http://prntscr.com/ud175f






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Hola amiga, excelente video procesos del desaparecido actor Cristopher Reevs, para mi es y será siempre el mejor Superman de todos los tiempos, sus películas forman parte de la colección histórica de las grandes superproducciones por los efectos especiales que para esa época se contaba. Lástima que el hombre de "acero" no pudo aguantar la caída de una caballo y terminara tristemente su vida en una silla de ruedas. Mis respetos por este gran trabajo.

For me this is the only true superman

of course darling.

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exceptional. you are very talented my dear friend. I would love to follow you

He was an icon alright.

He always had a larger than life quality about him, which made him perfect for the role, and appreciated years later, which made the Superman films all classics.

It was so strange that he was in Monkey Shines playing the part of a paraplegic, an unlucky coincidence which mirrored the future unfixable injury that dominated the rest of his life. People still loved him, and he continued to be a tremendous role model and talented visionary.

What nice words

hola amiga que alegria verte aqui en hive, tus dibujos son maravillosos saludos

How long, I see that you have improved a lot, I am happy to see you here too