Drawing of Hulk The Avengers

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Hello, how was the week, here in Brazil the truth is that with the president that we have we do not raise our heads, I hope they will get a vaccine soon and we can get out of this.

Well, today's drawing is a drawing that I made in steem 3 years ago and with the votes they gave me, which were 8, I get 3 $ if they go down further below they will see it, and I have re-uploaded it because I think there are many people who still have not they know me.

Today's drawing is of the Hulk made by Mark Ruffalo who is inspired by the comics and a series that his actor was Lou Ferrigno who was 1.96 meters tall and weighed 138 kilograms, a bigger man fence and also introduced Mister Olympia but I never win it since those times the king was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well without more I leave you with the drawing I hope you like it, and if so, leave a comment that I will gladly or answer them

The drawing is taken from this photo https://www.hobbyconsolas.com/reportajes/hulk-25-curiosidades-gigante-esmeralda-marvel-100612





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Thank you very much for the information, I did not know that there were prizes

You're welcome @jaquevital👍🙂

Amazing piece and skill of drawing:) I also subbedto your youtube channel:)
Greetings from Latvia!

Thank you

Really great. I love the white of the page showing through.

Wow, I thought it was a photograph and when I entered it turns out to be ... it was a drawing 🤩💙

jejejje Thank you

All I can say with the drawing is . . . WOW!!!

Nice work.

Thank you

Hey jaquevital!
I've always admired how you draw so real, and this character looked great on you, it's really good.
Glad to see you here on onchainart.

Thank you very much