Tokenized Art on Opensea: Haunted Angels // Tanelia Aesalor

in OnChainArt17 days ago

Haunted Photo Manipulation and Digital Painting

You can view the High Quality Image Here

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Beautiful and mesmerizing art dear, loved it. Its haunting and attractive. Keep up your good work. 😊👍🙏

ohh this is creepypastas stuff :D

Hey there fellow NFT artist. I see you are making remixes in a series of portraits, well done. I also have a monster picture up on Opensea for sale lol. I used the MATIC sidechain to mint it in order to avoid the gas fee when initiating my gallery shop there. I don't expect any sale though, it's just for fun.

Fearful, ferocious and terrifying but it is beautiful!

Spectacular work dear Isa, your work is incredible

That is a very awesome piece. I like this one a lot.

Amazing work!