Tokenized Art on NFT Showroom: Crimson Cloud Blinded By The Surf

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AI Photomanipulation // Digital Painting // Aliens

This piece is tokenized on NFT Showroom and is part of my collection: Manipulations

You can view the High-Quality Photo Here

You can view all my pieces Here


wow amazing these artworks looks great will have a look :)


Beautiful piece. Now I have to figure out how to buy this beauty, lol!

Aww thanks lol!
Are you tokenizing yet on nftshowroom???
I don't recall seeing your work.....

Let me know if you need any help......

Not yet. I was going to but someone else asked me to mint with them so I will do that first. I am on makersplace but having trouble minting anything lately, lol!
The hive keychain is not working for me I have to figure that out. Maybe it will work on my laptop.

Maybe Backup/Save your keychain info..Uninstall and reinstall again?

I will try again. That keychain business has kept me away from hive. Thank you.

Oh I just remembered there was an update a few months ago with a new version,. So you would have to update your google extension keychain thingy

The eyes have it!



this is cool ! nice work