Tokenized Art on MakersPlace: Twin Flames

in OnChainArt6 days ago (edited)

I created some alien twins which were incorporated in a glitchy/animated collaboration with @soundwavesphoton called Aliena, which you can find on Opensea in his collection: 80 Collabs.

This is the still image that has been further edited, manipulated, and digitally painted.

You can view the High Quality Image Here

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I am very surprised that you do not have comments with a job so well done.

Let me tell you that I loved your drawing. I was immersed for a while in the depth of the darkness of the dispersing eye. The painting feels like that, something that disperses, that is lost, or that fades into the dark.

And it's a bit of a creep, but a good chill.

The kind of work that leaves a mark! I really like the style, the way they seem to merge as a reflection is not something you see everyday, nice job!

I love it! it reminds me that strange the sandman comics covers

Really like this