Tokenized Art on MakersPlace: All we are is dust in the wind

in OnChainArt2 months ago

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away
And all your money won't another minute buy

Photo Manipulation and Digital Painting

You can view the High Quality Image Here

You can view my Gallery Here


I love all your work...but this one is exceptional! 🔥

Thank you!

You are such a great artist❤️ nothing pays than when you know what you are doing and keep on the right paths

Thank you!

You are welcome

Hi, @isaria

I noticed you're one of the team behind creativecoin. I just noticed my post aren't showing on creativecoin for more than a month now and I don't know how or why?.

Can you help me out to figure this out.

Hi I don't know why, but as long as you use the creativecoin tag then you will receive the don't need to use the creativecoin front-end.

Outstanding and truly mesmerizing art. Loved it. Keep it up dear. 😊👍


Wow, I like this one.